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Types of automobile engines: fossil fuel, electric, and hybrid - Research Paper Example

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Name Types of Auto Engines The invention of motor cars was a turning point in the history of transportation and mobility. Ever since the inception of motor cars, new technology has increasingly focused on making better and efficient engines…
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Types of automobile engines: fossil fuel, electric, and hybrid
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"Types of automobile engines: fossil fuel, electric, and hybrid"

Download file to see previous pages As scientists and engineers continue to experiment with other advanced technologies, it is possible that new engines will emerge in cars in a few years. For now, this research paper focuses on the current three technologies in the automobile industry: fossil fuel engines, electric engines, and hybrid engines. Fossil Fuel Engines Fossil fuel engine is probably the oldest technology in the automobile industry and has been used since the invention of motor cars. Fossil fuel engines run on fossil fuels including gasoline, diesel, natural gas, methanol, ethanol, petroleum gas, and so on (MacLean and Lave, 1). Fossil fuel engines are engineered such that they contain motors that are powered by the energy liberated by fossil fuels. This energy is used to turn the propellers of the engine hence enabling the car to move forward. However, this form of energy given off by the burning fossil fuels is extremely detrimental for the environment (MacLean and Lave, 5). When the fuel is burnt, the carbon given off by the fuel reacts with oxygen in the air to form carbon dioxide and water. Because one of the products of this chemical reaction is carbon dioxide, fossil fuel engines are considered to be damaging to the environment. This chemical reaction which takes place inside the fossil fuel engine gives off the green house gas, carbon dioxide. ...
Firstly, the fossil fuels are damaging to the atmosphere. They give off carbon, which then reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide itself is very harmful to the ozone layer and the overall environment. Secondly, fossil fuels are of a limited nature. That is to say, these forms of natural resources have a limited supply, are non-renewable and can get exhausted. If we continue to use fossil fuels, there might be one day when the coming generations will not have any fossil fuel reserves left for them. Thirdly, fossil fuel engines are less cost effective and are expensive to refuel. Therefore, engineers are constantly looking for alternative ways of fueling cars which run on renewable energy sources that are less damaging to the environment. Electric Engines The reason for so much interest in electric engines is the nature of fossil fuel powered cars. Because electric engines in cars are less polluting that fossil fuel powered cars, they are being considered to replace all cars in cities. Engineers developed electric engines to be an environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuel powered cars (Brain, 1). While fossil fuel engines run on damaging fossil fuels, electric engines use electric cells to run the engine. The electric engine contains an electric motor that runs of electrical energy rather than chemical potential energy. The electric motor gets its power or energy from a controller which in turn receives energy from the rechargeable batteries of electric cells (Brain, 2). The electric engine looks more like a wiring work and is generally more silent as compared to fossil fuel engines. The electric engine replaced some components which are typical of a fossil fuel powered car. For instance, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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