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On African Music - Essay Example

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[Name of the Author] [Name of the Instructor] [Course name] [Date] African Music Mamady Keita: Mamady Keita was born in August, 1950 in Balandugu, a small village in Guinea. Just before his birth, a soothsayer had prophesized to his mother that her child was destined for fame…
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Essay on African Music
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"On African Music"

Download file to see previous pages Keita even at the small age of 14 was selected to be a part of one of the five percussionists selected for the National ballet. He was a part of the National ballet until 1986, during which he won numerous gold medals and many other national and international accolades. He wanted to try out his own luck after leaving the National Ballet and moved to Ivory Coast. There he joined a music group Koteba and performed alongside the renowned African stars of that time. These included Kunda of Senegal, and Mory Kante of Guinea. He quickly progressed and became a lead drummer of Ballet Djoliba when he was just 15.. He was named as the Artistic Director in the year 1979, the first drummer ever to be given a position of artistic director. Mamady’s name soon began to be heard outside West Africa and he was persuaded by a group of percussionists form Belgium to teach and perform in Europe. In 1991, he opened his own institution of percussions in Belgium with the name of Tam Tam Mandingue. He also formed his own performance ensemble titled Sewa Ken which meant ‘“Without music there is no joy, without joy there is no music.” The school got worldwide fame and very soon its branches were opened in many famous cities around the world. Mamady decided to take his native culture and music to more borders and in 2003 he shifted his focus from Europe to the United States. Mamady has also been cast in a movie named ‘West Africa’ when was seventeen. He starred in another titled La Vie Platin and also wrote and recorded the soundtrack of the movie. He released an album with the name of “DjembeKan which means ‘the sound of the djembe’. The video contained four solo performances and was meant to show the power and influence of Djembe on its listeners. Djembe is a special type of goblet-shaped drum that is very famous in the African especially Guinean culture. Mamady devotes his time to his personal life as well and lives with his wife Monette Marino in San Diego where he teaches students in his school. He actively tours around the world each year to promote and preserve the tradition of Djembe. He is really dedicated to the cause of promoting Drum and djembe playing and was the first percussionist to organize a drum and dance workshop in association with the Guinea’s Secretary of Arts and culture. The first camp was held in the year 1990 in which students from thirty five countries participated. Since then a three-week camp is held each year at his house in Guinea. Mamada Keita could truly be considered one of greatest names in the African music and he continues to be source of inspiration for all the music lovers around the world. The Mangbetu people: The Mangbetu people are a specific ethnic group living in Congo. A number of religions are prevalent among the Mangbetu people and many different Gods which they worship. The economy of the people depends primarily on farming but some of the people are also involved in fishing and hunting. Yams and Plantains are the most cultivated crops while some cattle farming is also done in their areas. Traditionally only the men are allowed to do the milking. They originated In Sudan in the eighteen century but moved with their entire population to the present day Congo. Mangbetu people are well known for their culture, art and music. Wooden sculptures are a famous form of Mangbetu art. One of the most famous instruments belonging to the Mangbetu is the Mangbetu harp which was created by the Mangbetu peop ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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