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Taking Genre Out of Music - Essay Example

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There are dozens of different music genres in the world music. Each genre was developing through the history, society, wars, science, religion etc. This paper will show - how the music is changing us, and how we change the music…
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Taking Genre Out of Music
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"Taking Genre Out of Music"

Download file to see previous pages When listening to music, most will state interests according to the genre first as well as which singers or musicians are most popular within this genre. However, this limits the music because of the stereotypes which surround the music while changing the potential experiments which musicians might use without the music. To allow music to be accessible to all groups without labels or limits, the genre should be taken out of music. This allows those who are interested in different variations of music to find the best overall sounds while providing musicians with alternatives for experimentation. Furthermore, it would introduce a different sense of appreciation while the music would no longer be recognized first by the stereotypes. The concept of genre is one which is based on labeling music according to what the songs by a specific artist sound like. Often, this depicts the instrumentation used, arrangements that are played and the overall sound that the musician conveys.
The content of both is similar, specifically with the idea of women needing men in relationships. Lyrics by Griggs include “she don’t know how much I need her, she don’t know I’d fall apart” and lyrics with McGraw are similar, with “just to see you smile / I’d do anything that you wanted me to.” The same topic as well as the same arrangements is then seen because of the expectations with the genre. Another aspect that is related to the genre and the approach to the music is based on responses from society and how this relates to the music. The genre is all that most will look at before determining if the music should be listened to or not. Stereotypes are built around the genre of music, specifically because of the expectations with the music. More important, the stereotypes create a specific sense of personality and behavior which is known to define the individual and how they respond to the music. Beliefs one may have, behaviors from society and their association with the genre then creates divisions between specific groups of individuals. All which create these different behaviors are known to relate directly to genres of music which are used to identify the individual, which creates stereotypes not only from the music but also from the cultural relationship which many create from this (Rentfrow, Gosling, 306). The association with genre that is based on the expectations from the musician as well as the social association from those in society is one which becomes limiting in expression. This is important to note because of stereotypes which are created because of the identity of genre which many use to show a specific behavior and which creates a sense of separation from others. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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