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Nu Metal as A Genre in Music - Essay Example

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It is a common belief that drugs are the best stimulants. People go crazy about doing anything for them. They argue that there cannot be any other form that could energize them better than these. However, the fact under covers is that there cannot be a better stimulant than music…
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Nu Metal as A Genre in Music
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"Nu Metal as A Genre in Music"

Download file to see previous pages If addiction is to be defined with respect to music then it is love and passion.
Music takes many forms. Each genre is unique. Styles, region and origin make them apart but music brings them together. A very special genre of music that embeds power and melody in a magical harmony is Rock Music. Rock music has its origin in the late 1940's in the United States (Christe, Ian 2003).Typically, Rock music is accompanied by Guitar, Bass, Drums and often a Keyboard. Vocals play a prominent role in this form of music. Much attention goes towards the melody in vocals and the Electric guitar dominates the foreground. In the beginning Rock music was primarily popular in United Kingdom and the United States but by 1960's it started to gain world wide popularity.
Chuck berry in 1955 invented Rock and Roll (Christe, Ian 2003). It was after him that the British blues had come up with increased speed of their rhythm guitars. Their music had a driving power that no other music on earth had. A few years later Beatles band was formed. This band went on to achieve world wide success. They were the first proponents to bring guitars on to stage. They turned their music into a mass media attraction. Various forms of rock music were derived later and each had its own significance. The evolution of various genres in rock music is mainly associated with time. In 1960's a blend of Rock music with folk and jazz respectively came up and were known as Folk rock and Jazz rock. In 1970's a number of subgenres of rock music came up with the influence of soul and self importance. These include soft rock, progressive rock, art rock, techno rock, synth rock and punk rock. (Christe, Ian 2003)
1980's was the golden era in the history of rock music that saw the birth of hard rock, heavy metal and alternate rock. Thanks to bands like Metallica (Thrash metal), Megadeth (Speed Metal) and Iron Maiden (Hard Rock) that shook the world with almost all of their albums striking gold. They obsessed death, pain, hatred and evils in the society and that reflected in their lyrics as well. This drew the angry young crowd towards Metal Mania that spread like plague across the world in no time. Rock music established itself as a major business at International level. 1990's saw the time for Grunge style rock, Brit pop and Indie Rock. A new musical genre in the mid 90's that has its origin from Alternate metal, Thrash and Hard rock came up as "NU METAL". (Kitts, Jeff and Tolinski, Brad 2002)
Apart from these forms many others like punk rock, psychedelic rock, soulful rock; Speed Metal, Black Metal, Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Underground, fusion etc have come up with improvements over their ancestral or base forms of Rock music.
Each of these forms of Rock music has its own history and origin specifics and bands that are real professionals. Each form has its own pros and difficulty level in composing and performing. Each has its own way of drawing crowds towards it. Creativity in each and every aspect of the basic attributes associated with Rock music is what differentiates these genres of Rock music.
Nu Metal: A new Genre
A new perception arrived in the minds of the people that style in performance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nu Metal As A Genre in Music Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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