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Affordable Care Act: A Right or Wrong Turn for America - Research Paper Example

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The paper contains the annotated bibliography of articles about the Affordable Care Act such as "What directions for public health under the Affordable Care Act?" and  "A legislative history of the affordable care act: how legislative procedure shapes legislative history"…
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Affordable Care Act: A Right or Wrong Turn for America
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Extract of sample "Affordable Care Act: A Right or Wrong Turn for America"

Download file to see previous pages It discusses if the new Act can effectively enhance the public health in the US. Focusing on this aspect, the article describes several weaknesses and challenges of the Affordable Care Act along with the possible opportunities in the health care system.
This article seeks to describe the health care legislation in the United States. The key objective of the article is to define how different legislative procedures taken by the government have influenced the history of the Affordable Care Act. It also describes the foundation base for contemporary legislative processes along with the challenges of modern lawmaking.
This article discusses the present Affordable Care Act sanctioned by the US government. It addresses aspects of the Affordable Care Act in the US with respect to the enhancement of quality and effectiveness of health care, better transparency of health care program, creative medical therapies and development of public health among others.
The article analyses the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the state budget of the government. The key analysis includes the evaluation of the expenses of the Act with respect to the federal support for Medicare coverage, mental health services, and uncompensated care among other aspects. It describes whether the Affordable Care Act can yield state savings and reduce the losses.
The article provides a critique of the Affordable Care Act. It discusses both the advantages as well as disadvantages of the Act in light of the increasing healthcare expenses, life expectancy rate, access to healthcare related facilities and improvement in the health of the nation.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Affordable Care Act: A Right or Wrong Turn for America Research Paper.
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... of different healthcare professionals; public health practitioners, community health workers, doctors, nurses, allied workers and those practicing medicine in the provision of health care to the economy (Gronvall, p12). The Affordable Care for America Act bill of the United States, was passed in November, 2009.The bill was meant to improve the health standards of the United States citizen through provision of advanced health incentives to harmoniously favor all the citizens. It was meant to incorporate new measures to inclusively involve each and every stakeholder in the provision of advanced, well mitigated, planned and output/ result oriented healthcare system unlike the one that existed. Despite its aims and target, the bill was faced...
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... Affordable Care Act Social problem Far before the Affordable Care Act materialized, health insurance failed to provide peace of mind to citizens – it only provided panic, anxiety, and dread. About 129 million Americans-about one in two people could face discrimination because of conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or even pregnancy or acne. For the other Americans, they were well aware that coming down with an illness got them a letter. This could lead them to miss an affordable coverage, be ensnared in a job or dropped from insurance since they became unwell and had no place to turn to (Richardson & Rivera, 2013). The enactment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) had the aim of increasing the affordability and quality...
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... for their medical coverage. Not only has this been a relief for parents but also for youths who migrate to America alone, in the absence of a parents company. In addition, records from a research carried out in 2012 showed that an approximate 70% of youths in America have a constant need to visit the doctor (Fernandez-kelly and Portes 132). However, only about 20% of these visited the doctor in the previous year since the charges were way too high. DACA, therefore, has greatly helped the young immigrants in America. The makers of the Affordable Care Act policy made and passed rules and regulations that deny undocumented immigrants the right to access healthcare. These precincts have seen to it that all undocumented immigrants and those...
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...Affordable care act Introduction Affordable care act was passed in the year 2010. The act put in place an inclusive health insurance reforms which were to be rolled out within four years. The affordable care had a number of provisions that were geared towards improving the healthcare of the people. Some of the issues it addressed includes high cost of health insurance. In short, affordable Care Act is an extremely complex section of the legislation that was rushed to Congress and became a law. This act was faced with many challenges that made it difficult to live up to the expectations. However, its roll out from October 1st 2013 has been so far successful. Below are the major problems that made it unsuccessful, solutions that were...
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... Healthcare: The Affordable Care Act Margot Sanger-Katz’ article “Is the Affordable Care Act Working?” is an informative article that explores the applicability and success of the widely discussed healthcare Act in the contemporary society. The article explores the effect of the Affordable Care Act on uninsured people, affordability of insurance, impact on health outcomes and healthcare industry at large, online exchanges, expansion of Medicaid, and healthcare spending. In general, the standout topic is insurance for young people and uninsured Americans. I learnt a lot from the article concerning the healthcare crisis in the country. The Affordable Care Act is beneficial because it has made substantial progress in reducing the number...
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