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Fire Fighting - Essay Example

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The essay "Fire Fighting" analyzes firefighting techniques and discusses training on fire behavior and organizational change in the management of fires. The process of firefighting needs to be a well-coordinated effort with proper communication among team members…
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Fire Fighting
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Download file to see previous pages Thirdly, Madrzykowski explores fire dynamics and discusses different case studies on fire dynamics. He brings forth different fire scenarios and how development and progression of fire are influenced by different factors. For instance, ventilation influences the progression of the fire. In a closed compartment, heated gases mix with oxygen resulting in a flaming combustion. However, as the oxygen gets depleted, the fire decays. The heat emitted from the fire decreases and consequently the temperature decreases. When oxygen is introduced into the compartment, either through the opening of a window or a door, the heated gases mix with the oxygen and as a result, the energy levels begin to rise. Such a change in ventilation can lead to a flashover. Lastly, Alkonis and Madrzykowski discuss training on fire behavior and organizational change in the management of fires. To enhance safety and survivability, they recommend the application of water as soon as possible, limiting the opening of doors and windows, closing all doors and windows, identification of fire location, extent and characteristics of the smoke as well as identifying and interrupting the flow path. Importantly, the process of firefighting needs to be a well-coordinated effort with proper communication among team members (Kerber, Madrzykowski, & Alkonis, 2015). In summary, NIST and UL’s research has revolutionized firefighting and introduced change in modern day fire service. Undoubtedly, the changes are likely to stay for generations to come. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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