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Culture is defined by the behavioral characteristics of individuals and include the language, dressing, eating habits as well as the food people eat. With increased globalization, cultural…
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Interpretation Culture is an aspect of life that defines the people of a particular region or locality. Culture is defined by the behavioral characteristics of individuals and include the language, dressing, eating habits as well as the food people eat. With increased globalization, cultural interactions have become on the rise thus prompting curiosity of people from all over the world to adopt and understand the culture of other people from other regions. Cultural aspects have been used to influence the field of economics through the production of commodities and products that are culturally oriented to tap into an economic market (Rumi, 2011, pp. 99-117). To understand the relationship between cultural aspects in the global environment and the economic sector, this paper will analyze and interpret the Japanese culture and its influence on the global economics through a focus on the global sushi boom.
Sushi is a Japanese food that consists of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients. Sushi is often combined with seafood, vegetables and fruits of various kinds. The food can either be prepared with a brown or white rice, but usually combined with raw seafood. The original sushi was first made in Japan along Mekong River, with the word sushi meaning, “sour testing” in Japanese dialect. Other than being food for the Japanese, sushi has hit the global market and can be treated as a case of culturally oriented food that is economically sold due to its orientation to a particular culture (Rumi, 2011, pp. 99-117).
In 1960’s and 70’s, the global sushi boom hit the American market and quickly spread to many parts of the world. With the increased association of the food to the Japanese culture, most people who wished a test of the Japanese culture favored the sushi making the food a market viable product. Currently, there are sushi restaurants in most cities of Europe, Asia, Russia, India and in the Latin America. An increased number of Japanese restaurants overseas have in the past led to high profile media coverage of the success of the Japanese culture overseas in the country. However, with the glory of the success of the sushi, Japan has in the recent past attempted to certify genuine sushi overseas, a move that is seen by other nations as Japan attempt to create a “sushi police”.
The development of sushi, which is a culturally oriented food to a global commodity, has given Japan pride and challenges with equal measure. In Japan, following the success of the product in 1960’s, they developed a popular discourse of “they” are eating “our” food. The Japanese media fueled this popular discourse as a show of pride of the superiority of the Japanese culture to an extent that it is craved for by the global community. Despite the fact that sushi was a product that originated from Japan, the Japanese have found it hard to accept that the modern sushi can be associated with some other cultures since a French chef could make a French sushi and link it to the “old culinary culture” (Rumi, 2011, pp. 99-117).
The success of a culturally oriented product could be termed as an aspect of cultural innovation that when properly applied to an economic sector, could be used to derive economic values. The success of sushi, for instance, could point at how the innovation that resulted from the Japanese culture has revolutionized the relationship between culture and trade in the current world making culture a key recipe for economic benefit.
Rumi sakamoto & Matthew Allen. There’s something fishy about that sush: How japan interpretes the global sushi boom. 2011 Read More
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Interpretation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 3.
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