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Among the purposes of the plan is to develop policies after assessing potential hazards. Secondly, the plan is aimed at coming up with…
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Components of New Hampshire emergency plan affiliation Components of the New Hampshire emergency plan The primary purpose of the state emergency plan is to initiate, sustain and coordinate a state response to an emergency or a hazard effectively. Among the purposes of the plan is to develop policies after assessing potential hazards. Secondly, the plan is aimed at coming up with a concept of operation to ensure that there is timely response to save lives or mitigate damage. Third, the plan ensures that it assigns responsibilities and authorities to various members of staff to ensure smooth running of an operation with a well-designed chain of command. Lastly, the plan ensures that it links all the stakeholders responsible for disaster management. This may include private sector, non-governmental organisations and the federal government.
Scope of the plan in the emergency operation plan includes the actions to be taken to support the local and state government efforts in protecting public health and property at the same time saving lives. It further contains a detailed description on the coordination of the federal and other states resources to mitigate the effects of the emergency. In the emergency operation plan, the concept of operation is outlined to ensure that there is smooth action. It prevents confusion at the time of emergency hence increasing effectiveness of the members of staff involved in the operation. Lastly organisation assignment and responsibility, are outlined in the plan to ensure that there are adequate resources available to mitigate the effects of an emergency. It outlines the resources to be released to the emergency area under the order of respective leaders. The release of resources, depend on the extent of the emergence as assessed from the initial received information from the area of the incident (Barr, 2008).
The plan contains a well-defined emergency support functions that include transportation, public works and alerting, communication and alerting fire fighting, information planning among other support functions. They ensure that all the hazards are dealt with timely with adequate resources in case they occurred. The plan contains a hazardous material response plan, radiological emergency response plan and response to harsh weather changes. Thus the an covers all the most potential and disastrous emergency
The plan has a well-designed emergency operation plan within the operation centre. This is aimed at ensuring that there are minimal collisions between people working at the centre. Thus it increases the effectiveness of the emergency response team. This is possible since all people work on a particular response plan that stipulates the order of activities and states the leaders to make the one who to make the vital decision. At the same time, the plan contains clear incident command system that allocates responsibilities to different people while handing an emergency. The plan outlines the chain of reporting incidence and the resources needed to mitigate the problem. It contains the people who are responsible for releasing resources that are necessary to mitigate the effects of the incidents. With this level o preparedness, dealing with emergency situations, will be much easier for the state (Piatyszek & Karagiannis, 2012).

Barr, J. G. (2008). US National Emergency Communications Plan. Communications.
Piatyszek, E., & Karagiannis, G. M. (2012). A model-based approach for a systematic risk analysis of local flood emergency operation plans: A first step toward a decision support system. Natural Hazards, 61, 1443–1462.
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