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Sustainability with Different Energy Sources - Research Paper Example

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It is possible to use energy for economic and social purposes. Under economic terms, energy is used for purposes of powering off factories, and industries, so that they may…
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Sustainability with Different Energy Sources
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Download file to see previous pages It is therefore necessary to implement measures aimed at sustaining the energy under consideration. This paper takes a stand that energy is a very important element that helps in sustaining life, and making it easier.
The term sustainability has a wide reaching effect on the various disciplines that are associated with it. The term sustainability refers to a variety of changes that occurs within a given population and this population is able to maintain these changes over a given period of time. Energy is a very important element that helps in sustaining the life and activities of human beings. People use energy in their day to day activities, and this includes firewood, electricity, solar energy, etc (Beggs, 39). Energy can be used for purposes of lighting homes, cooking food, and even in the manufacturing sector. Another term that directly relates to sustainability is sustainable practices. These are activities, which are responsible for the conservation and utilization of energy products and substances. Sustainable practices is not only limited to energy products, but it also involves other aspects such as protection, and preservation of the environment, health, etc (Simon, 39).
Sustainability of energy refers to the methods and ways of preserving the productive capacity of the energy, for purposes of using it to the foreseeable future. This aspect of sustainability includes all the activities that human beings initiate for purposes of preserving energy. This includes the prudent use of natural resources that have the capability of producing energy. These resources are firewood, rivers, and the solar system. The activities that human beings can initiate for purposes of sustaining and preserving energy includes the enactment of laws that prevent illegal logging, and cutting down of trees.
This is because trees are an important source of energy, and they help in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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