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Dynamics, Fluids & Energy - Assignment Example

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Energy, Sustainability and Renewability (#517855) Introduction Access to clean energy is critical to the growth of a nation both socially and economically. Energy is required in all its manifestations to run engines, boilers, computers and mechanical machinery…
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Dynamics, Fluids & Energy
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Extract of sample "Dynamics, Fluids & Energy"

Download file to see previous pages Source: Prado Miguel, 2009, Renewable Energy sources Energy Energy is needed in all spheres of a life to accelerate growth. The traditional concept of generating energy from fossil fuels that could drive certain machinery is giving way to a more holistic approach where other sources like wind, solar, tidal waves and biomass are also being considered as alternate forms of energy. (Prado Miguel, 2009) Sustainability The reason why man is looking out for other forms of energy is because it has been estimated with the present rate of consumption; fossil fuels will be unavailable in the near future. Hence the idea is to develop or harness an energy source that is always being replenished by nature. This ensures that all the fossil fuel that is available at present is not completely used up and assures that the future generations have also access to this energy source. This forms the basic premise of a sustainable energy. (Prado Miguel, 2009) Renewability Renewability is used to describe those energy sources which are abundant in nature and are replenished naturally. The consumption of these energy sources has minimal impact on the environment. Using these energy sources also leads to reducing the carbon dioxide emissions produced by consuming fossil fuels. This has a direct impact on reducing the rate of global warming and forms the most innovative solutions in containing the temperature rise in earth’s environment. (Prado Miguel, 2009) Alternate forms of Sustainable Renewable Energy 1. Solar Energy Since energy from the sun is available abundantly, expertise lies in harnessing this energy effectively. The primary factors involve capturing and converting this solar energy for efficient storage. It is estimated that about 1000 Watts/ square metre fall on the earth’s surface on an average since this is dependent on environmental conditions (National Seminar on Alternative Energy Sources, 2005, p.5) and the climate. A photovoltaic cell (PV) is ideally used to tap into this light energy and convert it into electrical energy. This is a simple process in which the captured sunlight releases electrons on striking the silicon material. The electrons thus displaced create a hole with a positive charge. (Lewis Nathan and Nocera Daniel, 2006, p. 6801)The released electrons are then made to travel back to these holes via an external circuit thereby generating current. Solar cells can be arranged in series or in parallel to obtain the required voltage and current. Source: National Seminar on Alternative Energy Sources, 2005, VSAT Equipments powered by Solar 2. Wind Energy Wind energy is another form of energy that is available abundantly but requires the right kind of harnessing to be used efficiently. Solar power is indirectly responsible for the generation of wind energy. This is because land surface absorbs solar energy at different rates and hence the air above this land or water mass is heated at different rates. Source: Edelstein, 2003, Windmills in series This unequal heating causes a pressure gradient during which the hot lighter air rises up while the cool denser air flows in to take its place. (Edelstein, et al, 2003, p.2) This gradient thus creates a rapid movement of air which is called wind. A device that could be used to slow down this wind velocity can convert part of the kinetic energy into electrical energy. Wind speed, area of cross section swept by rotor and its efficiency in conversion, Generator properties and the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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