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Turbulent Friction Factors Of Non-Newtonian Fluids - Research Paper Example

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The writer of the paper "Turbulent Friction Factors Of Non-Newtonian Fluids" discusses the general relations between these two components and the derivation of laws obeyed by visco-inelastic fluid, which is incompressible in a steady, and laminar flow…
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Extract of sample "Turbulent Friction Factors Of Non-Newtonian Fluids"

Download file to see previous pages The discussion touches on: the torsional motion of mass of a fluid in a cylinder, the motion is produced by a forces put on its ends, also the flow of a mass of fluid confined between coaxial cylinders rotating with dissimilar angular is mandatory for normal tractions to be applied to the flat surfaces of the fluid, together with the azimuthal tractions got from this classical theory, for the stated motion. In the second case, the analogous results can be got or calculated immediately. Assuming there are no centrifugal forces, these results should still apply, and so it causes a qualitative variance between the distinct case of classical hydrodynamics and the behavior of fluids in general. (Kostic and Hartnett 345)
Sir Isaac Newton is recognized throughout the science world as the one famous for coming up with numerous scientific theories in physics and mathematics. He was able to describe in details how ‘standard’ fluids behave, Newton noted that the behavior is that of a uniform flow. Therefore, this flow behavior is known as viscosity only varies with changes in their pressure or temperature. A good example is when water freezes and turns ice at 0˚C or become a gas at 100˚C. Within this range of temperature change, water would behave like a ‘normal’ fluid having constant or uniform viscosity. Naturally, liquids assume the shape of the container they in. this is referred to as Newtonian fluids. However, some fluids do not obey this particular rule. Therefore, they are called non-Newtonian fluids in fluid mechanics. (Schechter 445)
Normally the trigger of a hydro- pistol is pulled to squirt out water. In order for this to happen faster, the must be force increased considerably. This indicates that fluids naturally will resist flow. This what Newton referred to as viscosity. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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