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Organization from a communication management perspective - Assignment Example

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The categories chosen among social media techniques that can benefit an organization from a communication management perspective are social networking and search category (, nd). Social networking category allows the organization an interactive web presence…
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Organization from a communication management perspective
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Download file to see previous pages These social media categories serves the organizational communication to its intended audience. Its intended audience could be the organization’s members and officers and in the case of a business organization, to its target market, shareholders, potential customers and regulatory agencies. The use of social networking does not only provide an interactive web presence but also reinforces the positive image of the company by informing the public about the organization’s products, services and activities including its business practices that would reflect good corporate citizenship consistent with the practice of ideal organizational communication. Theories of organizational communication posits that organizations need to relay itself not only with its internal customers (employees) but also with the external customers not only the positive activities that made them as organization but also the values that help shape the organization thereby fostering not only understanding about the company but also reinforces its positive image as well (Dainton and Zelley, 2005). Social networking as a function of social media is also an excellent platform to communicate corporate culture that animates the organization enabling its intended audience to understand and relate with the company better.
Another social media category that can benefit an organization from a communication management perspective is the search category such as Google and Bing. This is essential because search engine ranking establishes the web presence of the organization. If the organization cannot be found on the search engine either through plain search or links, it would also be tantamount to being absent in the web. Even if the organization has an excellent website or social media page, it would be tantamount to nothing if it cannot be reached by its intended audience. In organizational communication, it is essential that the message of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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