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In the past, chemical engineers have been responsible for developing numerous products of the human importance such as paper, writing and printing ink, color chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, pesticides, silicon chips and several others. It is not surprising that then that a…
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Chemical Engineering, physics
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Sur Supervisor Chemical Engineering and Physics In the past, chemical engineers have been responsible for developing numerous products of the human importance such as paper, writing and printing ink, color chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, pesticides, silicon chips and several others. It is not surprising that then that a large number of students find enormous scope in spearheading their career growth in variety of fields that interest them; I am too fascinated in undertaking and studying chemical engineering as my major.
Chemical engineering has contributed immensely to the industrial growth of the entire world for last several decades. In the past, after the discovery of crude oil, chemical engineering has been in forefront to its processing into several important hydrocarbons such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and several others to bring energy revolution and improve the quality of human life. During the processing of crude oil, chemical engineering invented several important and vital unit operations. Crude oil refinery is a glaring example of such unit operations that are practiced now resulting into a rapid growth of automobile industry in the twentieth century.
Hydrocarbon has its own limitations in terms of its reserves and providing pollution free environment. Without resting on past laurels, chemical engineers have gone ahead in replacing fossil fuels with renewable forms of energy such as solar. Producing solar energy at affordable rates and storing it conveniently has been a daunting task for chemical engineers in last two decades. Building batteries that can store bountiful solar energy to provide uninterrupted power supply to its domestic and industrial users, especially in night when no sun rays are available, has become a challenge for chemical engineers world over. Chemical engineering is at the threshold of another energy revolution through its neat and tight design, selection of energy-efficient materials converting solar energy to usable power while keeping costs at its lowest. In a way, chemical engineers are working hard to save our unique planet from the impending disaster in terms of climate change.
Chemical engineers have a considerable say in industries such as biotechnology, food and beverages, mining, pharmaceuticals, tire and rubber, and many more. Chemical engineers are an integral part of advanced space programs in NASA. Thus, chemical engineering is the most versatile branch of engineering that finds its presence in almost every field.
Kinematics with Constant Acceleration and Projectile Motion
Newtons laws clearly explain the changes in the state of motion of objects at rest or moving in single dimension. Kinematic principles can also explain the motion of objects in two dimensions such as projectiles. Gravity is the only force that applies on a projectile while set in motion assuming air resistance is nil or negligible.
Knowledge of projectile motion is very much useful to the sports persons in sporting events such as Discus, Javelin or Shot Put throws. The experienced sportspersons use projectile motion and its understanding to achieve farthest throw and win the tournament. It is the angle of throw that is important apart from strength or force, following the laws of projectile motions, to accomplish the winning points. Experienced players in Badminton also make use of their understanding of projectile motions to push the shuttle just before the finishing line to win a point. Similarly, footballers have also been found to make use of this understanding while passing the ball to their mates.
Chemical Engineering. What can I do in a Major in Chemical Engineering? “University of
Minnesota”. Web. 18 October 2014 Read More
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