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Oxygen releasing compounds in groundwater remediation - Essay Example

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We all are the distinguished owners of this world we live and have an obligation to protect it. The environment is what surrounds us, the soil, water, animals and all the other things. We are the…
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Oxygen releasing compounds in groundwater remediation
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Download file to see previous pages In the past, there have been methods enacted to treat the underground water, which in turn is used by the citizens after it gets treated. There have been many methods of treating this water for the benefit of the persons consumer; also, this water is used for irrigation of crops and also animals. Recently, there has been the physical method used to treat the water. Nevertheless, some people have been claiming that this is not appropriate water to use for consumption. The methods used, seems to be sufficient just like the biological methods too (Canadian petroleum products institute 1991, p. 88). I believe that all these methods are quite good, and many people believe that the use of the physical method is appropriate and commendable since there are not many chemicals used or none at all.
Pump and rate have been the most commonly used method of treating the underground water. It has been the most globally used remediation technology. This method has been considered to be the most suitable among all and not expensive. It is not costly compared to other physical methods of the purifying underground water (Wheeler & Adams 1905, p. 55). This method involves the process of pumping the water from underground to the surface and later, the water gets treated using biological treatment. There is also another physical method that can be used, which is known as the air sparking method. It is a very interesting method whereby, the air is usually bowed directly to the ground water and as the bubbles rise, the impurities get removed from the water and the impunities are directed to the soil, which calls the to another work to treat the soil. There has been also another method that could be used as a physical method. The Dual vacuum extraction. To avoid people being infected with the deadly contamination, they can be used with the bioaugmentation method that increases the enzyme reactive concentration in the system to fight the germs rate in the water. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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