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PC - Essay Example

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This project will focus on the fact that computers can make life easier if only they can be fashioned in such a manner that they actually accept the languages that can be spoken to them. Normally computers have been fit with a kind of program that involves their ability to…
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Extract of sample "PC"

PC Scope- question explained This project will focus on the fact that computers can make life easier if only they can be fashioned in such a manner that they actually accept the languages that can be spoken to them. Normally computers have been fit with a kind of program that involves their ability to understand what the user aims at displaying. In the event that one is typing and makes a mistake especially spelling errors, the computer has a way of editing the same.
In the present day with the changing technologies and fast moving events, it would be useful if this is changed to computers that actually listen to sounds and translate that into words. Evidently, this will make work easy especially for persons who keep struggling to type words and take too long to edit the same paper for so long. The benefit of these computers that can actually hear sounds and type the same into words would indeed be a plus for computer technology. A positive of the same would also happen for persons who do not understand various languages as the computers will be fed all languages then the users would simply read, the computer would listen and type what the user says. For instance, persons with English problems would benefit from this development.
Data sources and data collection
Data will be collected from online sources especially ones that include natural reader and how these readers are useful in computers. A good example is Seo’s work that explains the functioning of natural readers and how they include natural sounding voices (115-119). The author also continues to argue that the natural readers are very easy to use and can convert all manners of files into spoken words (Seo 115-119). With the reader being termed as about 99% accurate, this move is a plus for computer technology.
Data will also be collected through interviews with persons who have used this technology before and how efficient the same has been to them. A good target group would be students who have enjoyed the reader through getting their notes typed with ease. Surveys on the benefits of this technology will also be analyzed especially on the education sector. Data will also be collected through telephone interviews to assess how this assistive technology will indeed make proofreading easy especially in large documents and how the technology will allow its users save much time as opposed to the traditional PCs.
Observations will also be used as a way of collecting data especially observing the users and how well the software is making work easier for them. After this collection of data, it will be possible to make conclusions on the validity and reliability of this software. Ultimately, the researcher will make recommendations that this software be made compulsory for all users of computers. Recommendations will also be made on which features work best for the PCs depending on the users. A good example would be an interactive design for persons with reading difficulties (Seo 115).
Work Cited
Seo, You-Jin. Effects of Multimedia Software on Word Problem-solving Performance for Students with Mathematics Difficulties. London: ProQuest, 2008. Print. Read More
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(PC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
PC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“PC Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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