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Affidavits Regarding my friend good moral character - Essay Example

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I, ….Your Name……, of ………….Your Address……., employed at ….Name of the Organization in which you Work… as a …your post or job…., do hereby certify that …Name of Your Friend…is personally known to me as a close friend since the past seven years and…
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Affidavits Regarding my friend good moral character
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"Affidavits Regarding my friend good moral character"

Download file to see previous pages ame of Your Friend… has always displayed a marked capacity for accepting responsibility and evincing strength of character that is indeed remarkable and praiseworthy. She is a person endowed with a sense of direction and a moral compass, and one can always rely on her to respect the ethics and laws at whichever place she is employed. I have always been impressed by her ability to make choices and decisions, based on thorough ethical analysis and moral considerations, rather than succumbing to selfish pressures or giving in to short term gains. All through these years, I have considered her to be a friend and an individual who is highly reliable and whom one can always trust. It is such an honor to be acquainted to a friend and a person like ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Affidavits Regarding My Friend Good Moral Character Essay.
“Affidavits Regarding My Friend Good Moral Character Essay”, n.d.
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