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People admire the teachings of such leaders together with their leadership styles. There are other leaders who have nurtured me as I was growing up beginning from my home, church,…
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Leader that I admire ( Jesus Christ )
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Jesus Christ-the ultimate leader There are several leaders in the world that are admired by millions of people, I being one of them. People admire the teachings of such leaders together with their leadership styles. There are other leaders who have nurtured me as I was growing up beginning from my home, church, school and college as well. I have appreciated all these very important people in my life, but not the way I admire Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I not only admire His principles, but also adore Him very much as well. Jesus Christ to me has, and will always be, an exceptional personality of all time as well as history. Thus everything, Jesus ever did or said is valuable today just as it was that time. This is something that cannot be said of any other being; dead or alive. This therefore is to say that every word and act of Jesus is valuable to all humanity no matter their location or walk in life. Jesus simply became the much needed Light of the World.
Jesus was and still is the epitome of love. Jesus loved others so much and He would listen to them without being patronising. The loving nature of Jesus was demonstrated by not only the caring for the people more than the regulations and rules but also by eventually giving His life away so that mankind can be redeemed from sin. This is one of the habits of a great leader; listening and loving others without measure. He taught his disciples as well as His followers to have faith not only in Himself but also God. He emphasised the importance of faith so much that He gave an analogy of the mustard seed, demonstrating that all what is needed is a little amount of faith for one to move mountains.
Jesus was a wonderful listener and He listened to all and sundry, without discriminating against anybody. There is nothing as important as lending someone an ear and giving them your time. A great leader anywhere listens not only to his subjects, but also to his own conscience as well as promptings from God. Jesus also saw great potential in people and was willing to make an investment of individuals other people would have easily dismissed, the early followers of Jesus (disciples) were not religious at all, yet Jesus was willing to use them to begin His church. Jesus was also an amazing leader in that He handled criticism positively. When criticised for allowing a prostitute to sit down crying and anointing his feet, Jesus gave them a story which gave more honour to the woman. Jesus thus, handled criticism graciously. It is the story, deeds and love of this Greatest Teacher who ever lived that inspires me every day of my life. It is a story which I can use to uplift the souls of the hopeless, lift the downtrodden and inspire the hopeless. The leadership of Jesus Christ was selfless. Jesus put Himself second and ministered to other people beyond the call of his duty; lovingly, tirelessly and effectively. Most of the problems we encounter today arise from self-centeredness as well as selfishness whereby several people make harsh demands of others and life so as to meet their needs. This is directly opposite of the principles as well as practices followed by this faultless model of leadership; Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Thus if we are to be eminently successful; all the perfect as well as beautiful qualities of strength, maturity together with a lot of courage are found in Jesus of Nazareth. I have no apologies to make for stating that if you are a leader, emulate Jesus or else you are on your way to downfall. This is what gives me courage knowing that I will graduate in December this year with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services inspite of my returning to college after 26 years. Thus through my steadfast faith in Jesus, as well as encouragement from family and friends I am confident I can handle any challenge that life throws my way.
Through the teachings of Jesus, I have developed good listening skills and I am a believer that religion plays a vital role in development of one’s self identity; it basically determines the values as well as the charter that are needed for one to be successful in life.
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R.P, Newton. Getting To Know Jesus Christ:Fulfilling the Great Commission. New York: Tate Publishing & Enterprises,LLC, 2011. Read More
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