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A fine line between sanctity and sinfulness - Essay Example

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By definition it was supposed to be right between the sanctity and sinfulness. In order to not appear too godly as to drive away people Jesus was hanging right on the edge of sinfulness but never indulging. On the scale of sanctity he had…
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A fine line between sanctity and sinfulness
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Download file to see previous pages Christ himself is the difference between sanctity and sinfulness. St. John, when addressing the masses, said that one should not sin, however, if a man sins he has an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ (Taylor, 1849, p. 418). Christ not only preached sanctity, he lived the life on his own principles. At the same time, he showed the world how to stay away from the sins.
The Bible says “put to death what is earthly in you” (Colossians 3:5). It does not mean to rid the humanness. Earthly here refers to the sins and embracing the opposite, the sanctity. Earthly can be considered evil desires. These evil desires draw the line between good and evil. Say the desire to avoid people or to hurt them based on their ethnicity or the color of their skin, is an evil or earthly desire. Christ preached and embraced all of humanity.
Just like the sun does not shine on a single neighborhood, Jesus was not the prophet for a certain race or nation. He did not sin by staying away from the people who were considered of low caste. He embraced sanctity and preached to all equally. It was this act that made him the favorite of the masses. They saw him as their leader, someone with mythical powers that healed their sick. A rebel who was fighting for the rights of poor.
Pharisees considered Jesus’s actions as sinful because he condemned Pharisees and the teachers of Moses’s Law (“Bible Gateway”, n.d.). Jesus never criticized the Law of Moses but he showed his concerns about the character of its preachers. He said to the mass that they should listen to the Law of Moses but there is no need to take action upon it as its preachers are hypocrites. They keep piling restrictions and laws on people but they never abide by them. Their good deeds are just an act to impress people and not the God.
Pharisees thrive on appearances and showing off their piousness. For instance, swearing by the altar did not hold any importance to the ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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