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NURSE PRESCRIBING (the subject area is HEALTH VISITING) - Essay Example

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Even if the assessment of needs may indicate that non-drug therapy is shown instead of perhaps harmonizing to a prescription. The mnemonic 2-WHAM may be of help in this case.
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Extract of sample "NURSE PRESCRIBING (the subject area is HEALTH VISITING)"

Download file to see previous pages The actions that has been taken so far should also be recorded and any kind of medication that the Kellie may have received. When the drug history is being recorded, there should be a reference on any OTC and any other therapies that Kellie could have used before. These are like the herbal or the homeopathic remedies. It may hard for Shelly to give this information as some of the remedies used may not appear to have any effect. Thus making her understand what is means of alternative therapies is important. At this point it is important to note of any drug allergies that Kellie could have and they be noted in her notes.
When Shelly presents the condition of her child, it is imperative to bear in mind that alternative treatment options ought to be taken into consideration prior to writing a prescription. With this, there are things that need to be considered.
The first thing is the diagnostic recognized? The symptoms that appear in Kellies have to be assessed so as to be sure of the diagnostic. In the case of Kellie, the presence of egg cases discarded on the head ought to be investigated. These usually attach themselves on the shaft of the hair, and they remain even after the head lice have cleared. These however may not assure the presence of head lice. Thus one should continue and look for at least the presence of a head louse.
The other thing that should be considered is if a GP referral is shown. In the case of Kellie there was no referral that was present. The nurse also ought to consider if any prescription is required at all. This can only be given in cases where the need is genuine. It should be born in mind that some patients may want to get a prescription for some other reasons other than to get treated for their illnesses. Thus before the nurse prescribes any medication for Kellie should make sure that she is infested with head lice and that she does not want to gain her mother’s attention. The health visitor should also do a physical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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