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Why does work matter for modern societies - Essay Example

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Integration is defined as the way in which humans help in the production and reproduction of societies, and differentiation is…
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Why does work matter for modern societies
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"Why does work matter for modern societies"

Download file to see previous pages The complexities of the modern world have also led to people changing their forms of production in order to fit into the world. Modernity has led to a change in labor division from the usual organizational division of labor to social divisions.
Divisions of labor have changed and there is a clear varianceamid the pre modern societies and the modern societies. In the pre modern societies, labor was divided based on social units, similarity and familial basis while in the modern world it is divided based on market, state and the civil society. Work is important to the modern world since the modern world has brought about a lot of social differentiation and hence increasing structural complexity. Despite each individual participating in different careers, work holds the society together and wipes away their differences.
The pre modern societies were faced with similar challenges, problems since they all belonged to similar locations, families, religion and their levels of education were equal a situation termed as mechanical solidarity. However, in the modern society, people are very different and they have to inter-depend on one another in order to survive. The modern population has different abilities and each human being can do something in a unique and better way than another. This characteristic of the modern society makes it important for every human being to work so that they may serve another human being in their area of specialty and at the same time, get services form other human beings in their different areas of specialty. The pre-modern societies were undifferentiated since they shared strong beliefs and sentiments and this characteristic is termed as collective conscience. The modern societies have a characteristic of being more differentiated due to them having less defined beliefs and sentiments but instead have norms and values. This characteristic of the modern society being different and in some way ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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