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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment9 - Assignment Example

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According to the movie, the chances of the eruption are high. Indications such as earthquake, readings from seismograph, and the last time a super volcano occurred shows that it is about time for another volcano to occur at Yellowstone. Another indication is the group lifting…
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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment9

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Download file to see previous pages 20. The media pushes for the truth and conducts interviews with various experts who hold different views. Politicians do not want to cause panic to the people and thus influence USGC to give information that does not reflect worst case ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment9 Assignment - 1.
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...Information”)”. The basic different between these soils is that vent-based soils are found more in the extensive landscape of the volcano. The Lava-based soils are found from the slopes of the volcano till the extended pathway that the lava created while erupting. According to Anemone Foundation, a research organization for marine life says that “Even a thin layer of ash makes the soil fertile and earth which was once covered with lava is extremely fruitful”. The words from the research organization show that volcanic ash could be possibly used to get fertile soil for better agriculture.  Volcanic ash encourage plant growth and absorb liquids and gases. An associate geology professor at...
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...of the most destructive phenomena in world history. Current Volcanic Condition and Risks The assurance that volcanoes remain dormant cannot be provided, even by trained volcanologist. On the part of Paricutin volcano, the association between tectonic plate movement and the eventual volcanic activity seem to be put into a test in a research study. As the magnitude of earthquake increases, the chance of volcanic outbreak is also elevated. Thereby, the danger of recurrence in eruption, which had been last observed in 1952, is probable in the incidence of sufficient seismic activity; consequently “clearing the way of magma passage to the earth’s surface“ via the Paricutin...
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...Task: Geology-Volcanoes a) Crater lake – Convergent boundary b) Hawaii’s Kilauea – Intraplate boundary c) Mount St. Hellens – Divergent boundary d) East African Rift – Divergent boundary e) Yellowstone – Intraplate boundary f) Vesuvius – Intraplate boundary g) Deccan Plateau –convergent boundary h) Mount Etna – Intraplate boundary 2. a) The diagram given is that of a strato volcano Reasons: -presence of steep upper slopes Presence of gentle lower slopes Presence of a small summit crater It is concave upwards. b) Stratovolcanoes are formed by large magma reservoir under the surface of the earth gets built over a long period of time forming hilly structure that later...
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Geology Volcanoes&Earthquake Assignment1

.... The site has explained grey areas of geology, and I have learnt key things about volcanoes: what they are, how they occurred, why they occurred, and the forces behind the volcanoes. Initially, I used to think that volcanoes simply erupted anywhere provided molten lava was boiling underneath the surface waiting to come out. However, the site has disillusioned me, and I now know that there is a special mechanism that volcanoes followed, and that they exist in certain red regions across the globe. Works Cited Green, Jen. Volcanoes Around the World. The Rosen Publishing Group, 2009. Print. McKay, Daniele. “Plate Tectonic Settings.”...
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... Prof: Geology: Volcanoes Reasons for watching The two movies, "Back from the Dead" and "Fire Mountain" invoke a desire to learnmore about the characteristics of volcanic eruptions and regions. The two videos reveal a lot of important information regarding the characteristics of volcanic eruptions. They answer some of the major questions regarding volcanic activities and the aftermath of such activities. Every so often people wonder whether mountains that occurred through volcanic processes can re-erupt or if vegetation and animals can thrive again in such areas. Thus, I can say teacher wanted us to learn the dynamics of volcanic eruptions and things the possibilities that arise from such activities. Lessons from the movies "Back...
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..., it is the chemical composition, the gas content and gooeyness of magma that controls and determines the volcanic behaviors and shapes, as well as the texture and flow of lava (Sparks and Gilbert, 5). Therefore, it unsafe to live near or sail in water bodies with explosive volcanic eruption. Work cited John, A. McPhee.The control of nature. New York. Noonday Press, 1990. Print Gates, Alexander E and David Ritchie. Encyclopedia of earthquakes and volcanoes. New york: facts on file, 2009. print. Park, Chris C.The environment: principles and applications. London: Routledge, 2001. Sigurdsson, Haraldur. Encyclopedia of volcanoes. San Diego: Academic press, 1999. print. Sparks, R.S.J and J.S...
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...Earthquakes affiliation: Earthquakes The prediction of the event of an earthquake in the future is impossible. The scientists or the USGS have never predicted one in the past. However, the scientific data can be used to calculate probabilities for potential earthquakes in the future. For instance, the probability of occurrence of a major earthquake in the next 30 years within the areas of San Francisco Bay and southern California is estimated to be 67% and 600% respectively. To improve the structures’ safety, the USGS concentrates their energy into finding ways to mitigate the hazards of these earthquakes. Animals are extremely useful...
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... Volcanoes and Earthquake 1. What is the definition of a volcano? A volcano refers to a conical hill or a mountain that has a vent or crater through which gases, lave, hot vapor, and rock fragments have left the interior of earth due to eruption (Gill, 2009). 2. List the layers of the Earth, from the crust to the core, as they are classified by chemical composition and briefly describe the composition of each layer. i. The crust, which consists of alumino-silicates and other chemical compounds, is the outermost layer of the Earth. ii. The mantle, which consists of ferro-magnesium silicates, is the middle layer of the Earth. iii. Core, which consists of an alloy of...
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...Geology Deadliest Earthquakes Global Positioning Systems is an invaluable tool in the measurement of strain accumulation and plate motion across faults. Geodetic makers installed on the ground are able to gather this data and show the exact locations of stress. Over time, the markers shift in terms of position when plates where they are attached to move. This motion is important in inferring the rate of stress in the earth’s crust. 2. A Holy Grail of Seismology is a network of electrical contraptions sprawling across an area aimed at predicting an earthquake. Many dismiss it an unreliable method to measure earthquakes. 3. A megathrust earthquake is an...
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...Geology Test The three parts in the United s that have the highest risk of earthquakes are Alaska, California, and Hawaii. 2. There are myriad classes of seismic waves, and they travel through different paths. However, surface and body waves are the two common kinds of waves. Body waves move strictly through the inner layer of the earth. Surface waves move along the planet’s surface. 3. Body waves are divided into P and S waves while Surface Waves include Love waves and Rayleigh waves. P waves travel through fluids and solid rocks, like liquid layers or water of the earth by pushing and pulling the rock in which they move in as though they were sound waves. S waves move in perpendicular-side to side or...
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