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Health and illness across the lifespan of diabetes - Essay Example

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It affects many countries globally, and statistics report increasing numbers daily. Many countries in the world have done much effort in ensuring treatment of the already affected…
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Health and illness across the lifespan of diabetes
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"Health and illness across the lifespan of diabetes"

Download file to see previous pages All countries around the world should ensure proper care on those infected, to improve their lifespan.
Diabetic pathophysiology calls for the comprehension of knowledge of the essentials of carbohydrate metabolism and the insulin action. Diabetes would then occur when there is an imbalance between the demand and the processing of the hormone insulin in the body. The bigger picture here is the control of the blood sugar (Katon et al 2013, p. 78). Food taken is broken down into sizeable components. The breaking down of sugars and carbohydrates into glucose gives the body some energy reservoir. A healthy individual would have insulin to regulate the excess sugar in the body. This is the reason as to the explanation of the fall of insulin in the case where the blood glucose level goes down too and vice versa (Chang & Johnson, 2008, p. 90). If insulin production and secretion gets interference from body anomaly, the blood glucose dynamics would definitely change. In the case where glucose penetration into body cells finds a challenge, the resultant effect is hyperglycemia.
From the nurse’s desk, many things would make one diabetic. Some like one’s weight, and how one exercises, heart disease, and stroke may get a quick remedy from a nurse. On other occasions, one’s age, family history is not a preventable bite for one to turning diabetic. According to research, there are some groups of individuals prone to getting diabetes (Snoek, & Skinner 2005, p. 88). Among these, people who have close relatives who are diabetic, people over 40 years of age, and those who have periodic high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels or other fats in their body blood.
Other vulnerable groups include those individuals who have had prior gestational diabetes or having given birth to a baby that weighed more than 4 kilograms. Those who with some sought of disabilities and those diagnosed with pre-diabetes fall ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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