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Critical Debates in Planning - Article Example

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The last years have witnessed a concerted progression of “planning reform”, which is implemented by devolved and the central UK government with the aim of modernizing the planning…
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Critical Debates in Planning
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Download file to see previous pages 361). This a precise resolution to the ideology of devolution, and by so doing, the Scottish government shall be working to perfect their administrative goals in the field of devolution.
Clifford and Morphet 2014: Devolution is different from the federation since devolved leadership of the sub-national authorities may be ultimate or temporarily reside in the central federation of a state. Therefore, a certain state may remain “de jure unitary” due to devolution. It is true that the past predictions on UK devolution, which leads to widespread policy in planning remains not materialized. The fact that there are similar themes handled in planning reforms of all UK and Ireland territories suggests that devolution has resulted in the creation of new space for policy mobility and experimentation. This is because political parties formed in each devolved nation has highly changed since their establishment, and new powers granted to them after implementation of devolution Acts (Clifford and Morphet 2014, p. 1). Arguably, the dynamic changes are contributing factors to the modern day democracies.
There are related themes in planning reforms of all territories of Scotland and UK, and the form in which the particular concepts about a new approach can be found in a particular territory and appearance in another territory afterwards. The adaption towards consumption of renewable energy, for example solar and wind started in UK and was later on adapted by Scotland. This suggests that devolution in these nations has come up with a new space of policy mobility and experimentation (Tomaney and Colomb 2013, p. 8). The transfer has a higher probability to occur when there are proximate lessons (transferred from ideologically, geographically, or culturally proximate jurisdiction). This can definitely be witnessed with the devolved UK ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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