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Intelligence Collection - Essay Example

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Materials sampling refers to the collection and assessment of particulates, trace elements, debris and effluents. These kinds of materials are emitted into the environment, earth or water by a broad array of industrial activities and military operations. Materials sampling is…
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Intelligence Collection
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Download file to see previous pages These vessels leave behind traces of chemicals while moving which are detected by sampling (chapter 11, page 238).
2. Materials acquisition refers to gathering a piece of component or equipment, such as a vehicle, an integrated circuit chip, radar or a missile. Two purposes of the process are reverse engineer a component and performance analysis of the equipment. During their glory days, the Soviets used to be excellent at concealed materiel acquisition. At a certain time they dealt with acquiring a latest IBM machine before it was formally launched in the market; but, the consequence was less than pleasing for the Soviets since none of the maintenance or sales staff of the firm they contacted afterward, didn’t know how to operate it (chapter 11, page 246).
3. Each nuclear detonation leaves evidences in the atmosphere. Nuclear forensic department presently implements 2 kind of collection. One is directed towards testing nuclear arms and evaluating its performance and depends on ground or aircraft sites to gather air samples. Another one is meant for detecting the movement or production of materials used in nuclear weapons and depends principally on gathering material samples near or in an anticipated milieu. The final kind of collection is promising but luckily has yet to be implemented: acquiring samples of the remains after a nuclear combat for the rationale of finding out the source of the device applied (chapter 11, page 240).
Fingerprints are considered as principal biometric method, as it is evident that no 2 fingerprints are accurately same. Today, fingerprint readers have become widely available and inexpensive. Voice imitation that seems like a correct match to the individual ear would, rather, have a considerably diverse voice print. A sample of DNA can be studied to recognize either a DNA profile or a DNA fingerprint. Retinal scanning assesses the structure of blood vessels at the backside of the eyeball. Iris scans studies ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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