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Geological SciencesDinosaurs - Essay Example

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1)In the lab in order to complete the gaps in the sequence of the dinosaurs DNA, scientists used frog DNA and thus mutated the Dinosaur genetic code. Moreover some West African frogs have been known to change sex from male to female in a single sex environment. This might be…
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Geological SciencesDinosaurs
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Extract of sample "Geological SciencesDinosaurs"

Answers In the lab in order to complete the gaps in the sequence of the dinosaurs DNA, scientists used frog DNA and thus mutated the Dinosaur genetic code. Moreover some West African frogs have been known to change sex from male to female in a single sex environment. This might be the reason for the development of male dinosaurs.
2)In the movie Brachiosaurus has a cold and its vegetarian.
3)Triceratops is sick with possible plant poisoning.
In order to figure out what is wrong with her she checks her pupil with a torch and finds it to be dilated and concludes it’s a pharmacological effect cause because of the consumption of local plants like West Indian lilac. In order to confirm her hypothesis she checks the dinosauras’s droppings. But on not finding the lilac berries in the droppings she suggests that dinosauras is suffering from Melia toxicity.
4)No, it’s not possible as the Velociraptor that Dr. Grant was excavating was in Montana Badlands( a desert)and the island where the park was setup was off the coast of Costa rica.Normally, Velociraptors fossils have been found in deserts like Gobi and Magnolia.
5)Velociraptor has been shown much larger and having no feathers. The head’s larger dome and the above mentioned inaccuracies indicate them rather being modeled on Deinonychus.
6)Gallimimus reminds of the modern ostrich, shown in the movie running away from T.rex in a large herd.
7) Size-Tyrannosaurus was approximately around 12.5 mt in size which is nearly close to what has been shown in the movie.
Speed-Slower than that shown in the movie specially while turning.
Sight-Better eye sight than shown in movie
Smell-has a very good sense of smell contrary to what shown in the movie.
8) No, there is no Hardosaurus shown in the movie Jurassic Park original. Though a similar sort of dinosaurus in the scene where Dr. Grant first witnesses Brochiosaurus moving in herds.
9) The computer programmer while escaping from the island runs into problem with the Dilophosaurus. No, the Dilophosaurus has not been accurately portrayed in the movie. As there is no evidence that it spitted venom in the eyes of its prey and it certainly did not have any decorative neck frill. Moreover they were much bigger than that shown in the movie.
10) Yes, there are chances of the modern mosquitoes being around in the Jurassic era.
There are chances of extracting a viable DNA from an amber entrapped mosquito but that would be of the mosquito and not of the animal it fed upon.
11) Jurassic-Diphlosaurus
cretaceous- Tyrannosaurus rex
Osborn, Henry F. (1924a). "Three new Theropoda, Protoceratops zone, central Mongolia". American Museum Novitates 144: 1–12. Read More
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