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One and two - Literature review Example

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2011, p. 217). This has been attributed to the efforts taken by the government and the society to contain these social phenomena…
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Literature review one and two
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Download file to see previous pages The study focuses on the issues of child abuse on three main age groups that it, parents of children below 11 years, teenagers between 11 – 17 years and a group between 18- 24 years. The sample on these three groups included 2,160, 2,275, and 1,761 subjects respectively (Radford et al. 2011, p. 218). However, the study does not give details on the sampling techniques, which were used at arriving in the stated representative sample. However, the fact that all ages were represented indicates that the findings were objective and credible. This study was an improvement of previous studies, which lacked in terms of objective representative samples.
In their definition, child maltreatment is concerned with physical, emotional, and psychological ill-treatment. It also referred exploitation of children by certain members of the society including their parents, close friends, and strangers. Physical maltreatment included hitting, kicking, spanking and slapping of their children. Issues of neglect were also said to cause emotional problems to children. Neglect included denying children parental love, access to quality education and healthcare, and failure to provide them with general basic needs (Children’s Taskforce, Department of Health 2012, p. 865).
The study findings indicated that 1.2% of the children less than 11 years were severely punished. However, it appeared that severe punishment increased as the ages increased. For instance, in the 7.1% of the group between the ages brackets 11-19 had been severely punished (Radford et al. 2011, p.300). This increased to 11.5% in 17-24 age brackets. In addition to that, it was indicated that over 0.5% of the children under the age of 11 had been sexually abused. This would however rise to 4.8% in the age bracket 11-19. In the final bracket of 18 – 24, 11.3% of the subjects had been exposed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Review One and Two Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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