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Design a Human Resources Plan for the Radiology Dept. of a new small-town hospital - Research Paper Example

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‘High performance’ alludes to attaining and surpassing goals for the delivery of predetermined objectives revolving around quality,…
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Design a Human Resources Plan for the Radiology Dept. of a new small-town hospital
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Extract of sample "Design a Human Resources Plan for the Radiology Dept. of a new small-town hospital"

Download file to see previous pages Performance management focuses on under-performers, but it adapts a positive approach by availing the means for employees to advance their performance or efficiently utilize their abilities. Any organization’s overall performance management system has three sequential stages (Armstrong & Baron, 2005).
The first stage is planning this involves determining the behaviors and results that will be expected from every member of the organization. The second step is execution which entails providing feedback, coaching, and guidance during the appraisal period to improve performance. The last step is evaluation which entails identifying and discussing strengths and weaknesses during the appraisal period (Grote, 1996). To map out performance management for the radiology department, the manager requires a sample evaluation to determine the different goals and performance towards achieving each of these goals. In this case the sample evaluation will also provide a means of rating individual performance under the different performance measures.
The merit plan determines the score under each of the discussed competences. The merit plan provides the final score and position of the employee based on the predetermined goals (competencies) this is essential in determining follow-up action such as training, promotion or rewards.
Employee recognition programs can enhance employee relations by communicating that the organization cares about its employees’ ideas and is willing to reward them for their efforts. WorldatWork and RPI carried out a research on employee recognition programs and underlined that companies which employ the programs retain their best and brightest employees. According to RPI, recognition is one of the most effective ways to reinforce an organization’s culture, support its objectives, and retain top performer. Looking at these proven ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Design a Human Resources Plan for the Radiology Dept. Of a New Research Paper.
“Design a Human Resources Plan for the Radiology Dept. Of a New Research Paper”, n.d.
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