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Sports Marketing - Assignment Example

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It makes use of the content of sports rather than a single strategy to help in marketing efforts. This type of business has always been assumed to be recession…
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Sports Marketing
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Extract of sample "Sports Marketing"

number Sports marketing Sports marketing is a style of advertising that uses sports to assist companies in selling their goods and services. It makes use of the content of sports rather than a single strategy to help in marketing efforts. This type of business has always been assumed to be recession proof, but according to Sports Marketing Association, recession affects sports’ marketing just like it does other businesses. Recession made it had for Cricket-rights holders to secure commercial deals, and also affected the 2010 FIFA World Cup revenues (Sports Marketing Association).
Sports marketing takes different forms. For instance, television networks sell airtime during main sport events. Marketers buy advertising spaces in stadiums to put their advertisements. Famous athletes also sell their images to marketers as celebrity endorsers. Sport is used to reach specific segment of a population. In most cases, the target market is men. This is with exception, however, from women sports such as netball and figure skating that attract female audience (Marketing Schools).
Marketers choose to use sports for marketing because they find already developed market. They take advantage of the devotion and popularity that fans have towards their sports men and teams. It is assumed that marketers gain instant credibility in the fans minds if the marketer associates with the fans’ team or favourite sportsman (Marketing Schools). The marketer is considered a sponsor since the revenue goes to the team. Coca Cola Company for example, is always associated with Olympics (Fullerton & Merz p. 91). One disadvantage with sports marketing is that advertisements may be overlooked. This is because the sports marketing industry is so large, and there are very many advertisements. To avoid this and ensure effective brand marketing, a comprehensive marketing plan has to be developed. The plan encompasses estimations of resources and budget needed, time frame for the campaign, marketing objective, and the target audience and how they can be reached. The marketer needs an analysis of the entire marketing landscape to identify the most promising opportunities. Based on research findings, creative professionals will put types of advertisements that are in line with what the company wants to achieve. Brand marketing requires efficient market research. The professionals have to work hard to ensure the content of the adverts, connect the product and the sport. The adverts have to speak to the target population (Marketing Schools). This also helps in reducing ego buying. The company will have knowledge on its current status, and avoid ego buying. This vice is a risk to the business and it makes a company buy TV airtime or advert spaces based on their ego. This is very risky considering that the company will not have facts on the population they are targeting, and if they will be reached and captured for the company’s products (Berger p. 43).
Apart from thorough market research, sports marketing have legal issues associated with it that need to be considered. There are issues of rights to privacy and publicity, ownership of sports properties, contracts, intellectual property rights, and the theory of unjust enrichment (Wall p. 112-170). Sports marketing is associated with various opportunities and threats. In the Olympics for example, companies enjoy worldwide market exposure, already build market segments, and easily obtained followers. Threats include high marketing prices because of the event’s popularity and too many competitors. Also, the risk of being overlooked by targeted consumers, and too many agents or middlemen within the line of marketing stands in as major threats. In sports marketing, value- buying depends on the available events, and the company seeking to buy a marketing space, a TV advert airtime, and sponsorship of sports teams and/or persons. Different companies have different products, and different objectives based on different types of events that take place.
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Sports Marketing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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