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Job satisfaction and its impact on employee intention to leave - Research Paper Example

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One of the reasons why employees tend to have low levels of satisfaction in their work and opt to leave to other places of work is the low pay given to them by their employers. Low pay is a big remover of the motivation, which employees have in their jobs, and steps have to be…
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Job satisfaction and its impact on employee intention to leave
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Extract of sample "Job satisfaction and its impact on employee intention to leave"

Recommendations One of the reasons why employees tend to have low levels of satisfaction in their work and opt to leave to other places of work is the low pay given to them by their employers. Low pay is a big remover of the motivation, which employees have in their jobs, and steps have to be taken to counter this dissatisfaction (Ismail et al 2011). The employer has to ensure that the employees receive salaries, which are not only satisfactory to them, but also competitive. The salary awarded to employees should be enough to compete with that which might be offered by rival employers and this action would most likely keep the current employees satisfied with their place of work. The offering of competitive salaries would not only satisfy the employees, but it would also increase their commitment to their work, hence an increase in productivity. As the workload for the employees within the institution increases, so should their pay, because in the modern world, good payment packages are a huge motivator for keeping employees satisfied as well as dedicated to their jobs. If the institution for which people work does not offer them competitive salaries, then there is a high likelihood of them leaving for better paying jobs is quite high.
In addition, another reason why employees would lose satisfaction in their jobs is the lack of independence to be innovative in their work. There are instances where the management of an institution chooses to dictate all the processes, which the employees should undertake in the workplace. The lack of consultation by the management to the employees ensures that the former does not know what the employees want and as a result, the latter end up not being satisfied with their work conditions. Employers should make sure that there is frequent consultation with the employees so that any issues from the latter can be addressed and settled. Furthermore, employees should be given the freedom to choose how best to work, as long as what they do is in the best interests of the institution. This will ensure that the employees have a high level of job satisfaction because they will be able to find innovative ways of doing their work without any fear of negative repercussions from the management. The good relationship that would be built between the employers and the employees through constant consultations and innovative freedom to the latter would ensure that the working conditions within the institution are more than satisfactory.
It can be concluded that job satisfaction does in fact influence the decision by employees to leave their place of work for a different one. Employee satisfaction is one of the major factors that determine the success of an organization and it the employees of such an organization are not satisfied, then the possibility of its achieving its goals tends to be extremely dim. It is therefore the duty of the management to ensure that its employees have complete satisfaction in their work so that instances of leaving because of dissatisfaction are minimized.
Ismail, A., Mohamed, H. A., Hamid, N. S., Sulaiman, A. Z., Girardi, A., & Abdullah, M. M. B. (2011). Relationship between performance based pay, interactional justice and job satisfaction: A mediating model approach. International Journal of Business and Management, 6(11), 170-180. Read More
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Job Satisfaction and Its Impact on Employee Intention to Leave Research Paper.
“Job Satisfaction and Its Impact on Employee Intention to Leave Research Paper”, n.d.
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