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The Westboro Baptist Church - Essay Example

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The Westboro Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church in America identified for its radical ideas, particularly those not in favor of gay individuals. The religious group is largely perceived as a group that promotes hate and is scrutinized as such by the Southern Poverty…
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The Westboro Baptist Church
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Extract of sample "The Westboro Baptist Church"

Download file to see previous pages On the afternoon of November 27, 1955, the church held its first open ceremony (Lieblich 1). This paper will look at the Westboro Baptist Church, the church’s activities, and the first amendment.
The Westboro Baptist Church has been enthusiastically engaged in events against gay individuals since 1991, when it begun concentrated efforts on a gay event at Gage Park near the church. In addition, the Westboro Baptist Church members carry out anti-gay remonstrations at military interments, picketing at celebrity funerals, and public activities that may easily attract media interest. Additionally, the Westboro Baptist Church has also held protests against Jews, and the members have also stomped on the flag of United States of America (Lieblich 1). The Bill of Rights of the United States contains the First Amendment which forbids the creation of laws that restrict the free utilization of religion, violates the freedom of the media, proscribes the petitioning for an administration remedy of objections, valuing an institution of religion, reducing the freedom of speech, or impeding the right to peaceably convene.
The Westboro Baptist Church members take part in every day picketing in Topeka and tours all over the country to picket the memorial services of gay victims of gay-bashing, gay victims of murder, or individuals who have perished from complex situations associated to AIDS. They have also protested in events linked to homosexuality and live pop events. As of 2009, the Westboro Baptist Church claims to have taken part in almost forty one thousand protest in approximately six hundred and fifty cities since its creation (Lieblich 1). The Westboro Baptist Church has established its position by protesting against gay individuals in funerals and different unexpected places. Even though their choice to protest at these somber situations is unpleasant to a number of individuals, the rights of the religious group, however offensive and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Westboro Baptist Church Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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