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Case Study - New Supervisor - Essay Example

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There is also no proper communication across the workforce and management. The transportation department works haphazardly without proper planning and…
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Case Study - New Supervisor
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Extract of sample "Case Study - New Supervisor"

The main management issue that George faces is formal structure of human capital with well-defined duties and functions. There is also no proper communication across the workforce and management. The transportation department works haphazardly without proper planning and organization of schedules for the transportation orders. Due to lack of accountability of actions and disciplined work culture, workers are de-motivated and absenteeism is frequent. Moreover, the previous manager had not delegated duties, as a result of which, much of the work had suffered in his absence and subordinates were fumbling with the work.
Hence, George needs to prioritized his work as follows:
1. Organize workforce into strong team with roles assigned for team members and accountability imposed on them for the assigned work.
2. Make strategic plans for improving the performance of the department and organize work schedules for the next three months.
3. Prepare ethical code of conduct for the employees and disseminate the information of the same across the workforce.
4. Announce incentives and bonus for exceeding targets and penalties for dereliction of duties.
5. Disseminate information about the standard of work; organizational goals and objectives; and rules and regulation regarding work. He should also empower them with their rights.
6. He should promote cross cultural understanding for developing constructive work relationship based on mutual respect.
The most pressing issue for George is lack of planned strategy and organized way of working. The work lacks proper documentation of work and records of workers, including their work schedules, attendance and performance details. Hence to monitor the work performance and productivity, George needs to streamline the process and develop strategic plans to organize work schedules. These should be communicated across the employees. He should also define duties and emphasize on disciplined work culture where achieving targets is highlighted. He should also delegate duties so that junior managerial and administrative staff become well versed in the office processes. Most importantly, George must create a pool of talent based on skill and aligned work. This would enable the workforce to organize the schedules for optimal performance. There also needs to be constant communication across management and workforce so conflicts can be resolved early and amicably.
From the remaining issues, the top priority of George would be to resolve the issue of Francine who had filed a grievance with the personal department against the assistant supervisor. As there was no organized way of working and office lacked proper records of employees work details, the case of Francine needs to be resolved early as she could easily have EEOC claim.
George has huge burden of streamlining the work process and create facilitating work environment. Strong work culture ensures long term sustainable competitive advantage (Armstrong & Baron, 2005). Therefore strong teamwork needs to be promoted. Performance based incentives would be motivating factors for the workforce (Armstrong & Murlis, 2007). George also needs to develop well organized record keeping and documentation of office records. This would help to evaluate performance regularly and motivate workers for incentives and bonus. Moreover, creating talent pool would facilitate better organization of schedules for achieving targets and overcoming contingency situations.
(words: 518)
Case study as provided.
Armstrong, A., & Baron, A. (2005) Managing Performance. London, CIPD.
Armstrong, M. & Murlis, H. (2007) Reward Management (5th ed.). London: CIPD. Read More
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Case Study - New Supervisor Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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