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Sustainable Water - Annotated Bibliography Example

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I became interested to evaluate the issue of sustainable water in these countries because it is an evident fact that the industrialized countries of the world have…
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Sustainable Water
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Extract of sample "Sustainable Water"

Download file to see previous pages In order to conduct this assessment, I have broken down the subject into two well-developed research questions as follows:
I have researched regarding the subject matter in the past three weeks from 17th February to 9th March 2013. I have used five sources to assess the subject matter out of which two of the sources are published books, two journal articles and lastly an article from the website. These sources have been published within past five years which allows the research to have updated information regarding the sustainable water programs.
This journal article focuses on the ways in which the water recycling can actually help the stakeholders to help in increasing the amount of water for industrial use. The article has determined an approach of assessing and providing statistics of six different sewage treatment plants. The authors have also made use of different tests regarding pH, electric conductivity etc. This has rather made the article credible in terms of information regarding subject matter. The articles targeted audiences are the stakeholders who are responsible for the development needed in the sewage system to make sure that only limited amount of water is being consumed. The tests which have been provided in the article have rather made my assessment regarding the sustainable water much easier. In other words, the usage of a more critical stance of sewage system helped me in knowing about the models which are being applied by many countries for sustainable water.
The article from the website is very helpful in the research of sustainable energy because it talks about a variety of methods that can be applied with limited use of technology. These methods are not just applicable in some of the countries but everywhere because these strategies are compatible with all sorts of systems. The targeted audience of the website article is for general audience which makes the article to be quiet ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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