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Water (sustainable development ) - Research Paper Example

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During the last twenty years, economic growth has been responsible for lifting more than 600 million people out of the clutches of poverty while also raising the income levels of millions more. The economic development and growth has often come at the expense of environmental…
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Water (sustainable development )
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Download file to see previous pages elopment, but also sets up dangerous environmental and global consequences with climate change today threatening to undermine or roll back decades of development progress. Sustainable development is an action plan that promotes sustainability in those activities that use earth resources or capital. Sustainable development is a principle of sustaining these finite resources that are necessary to provide for the needs of future generations living on earth.
The following is a research paper concentrating mainly on sustainable development with the particular topic of water. It analyses how the important factor of water is necessary for human existence and its relation to sustainable development.
Sustainable water development comes from the understanding and the recognition that growth must be both inclusive and environmentally sound in reducing poverty (Elliott, 2012). It must share the prosperity of today’s population and in continuing to meet the needs of future generations. It calls for the efficient use of the available water resources which is carefully planned in order to deliver intermediate and long-term benefits for the planet, people and the need for prosperity. The three pillars of water sustainable development is economic growth, social inclusion and environmental stewardship. All these three pillars must be carried across all sectors of development, in cities facing rapid urbanization, therefore, high water usage in agriculture. The need for sustainable water development is made with certain goals in mind. These goals have the purpose of protecting the precious resource that is essential for human existence. Such goals include: Improving the quality of water in terms of drinking water as well as the water that supports aquatic ecosystems that are critical to the health and wellbeing for human and the environment. Secondly, improving water availability is a necessary and important aspect in economic activities. Thirdly, recognising that water is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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