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U can choose one - Essay Example

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In 1944 a new segment was shaped and called as the "womens camp that received around nine thousand women and young girls from different places. Most of the…
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U can choose one
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Extract of sample "U can choose one"

Introduction (B) Bergen-Belsen Bergen-Belsen was established as a prisoner war camp by Nazi forces and parts of it later became the concentration camp. In 1944 a new segment was shaped and called as the "womens camp that received around nine thousand women and young girls from different places. Most of the people stayed there suffered death because of diseases and hunger.
1. Anne Frank and her sister
In 1944 Nazi started selecting the women to be sent to a labor camp in Upper Silesia. The Frank women were selected in the lot and transported. However, Anne Frank was rejected to be taken since she was suffering from scabies. Her sister also refused to go to the labor camp and preferred to stay with Anne. Later on selections for the diseased and ill women were started and they were transported to Bergen-Belsen from Auschwitz.
Eli Wiesel and his father
Wiesel and his father were sent to Buma, a labor camp where they forced to work under terrible conditions. Wiesel’s father was beaten badly by the Nazi forces in front of him for the cause of suffering from dysentery and exhaustion. Later they were sent to crematorium which was later liberated by the U. S Army (Westra).
2. Gas chambers
A gas chamber is a place for killing humans consisting of a closed chamber into which a poisonous gas like hydrogen cyanide, carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide is introduced. Gas chambers were used as a method of execution during the Holocaust. Nazi Army used these gas boxes for mass killing as part of the genocide. The gas chamber has been questioned for its real existence. Some of the historians denied it and said it is an exaggerated story of the historians.
Free standing chimney
Free standing chimneys in a gas chamber were the chimneys to evacuate the gas. However, for the purpose of killing the Jews kept inside the chamber, these chimneys were purposely clogged and blocked. After filling the killing gas in the chamber and murdering all the victims inside, the critical job was to evacuate the chamber from dead bodies. For this purpose specially trained crew equipped with gas masks enter the gas chamber and unclog the chimney in order evacuate the gas(Westra).
3. Phil Donahue show
Phil Donahue show telecasted in 1994 flipped the other side of the Holocaust that most of the people unable to think. Phil Donahue asked many hard questions that very rarely seen on the media as ‘Holocaust actually really happened?’ Phil Donahue was a neutral history student and compare who liked to study the history and find out the happenings by keeping himself away from inhumane emotions, truths or lies. His purpose of investigation was his right and there is no harm in thinking the other way.
4. My point of View
In an interview Dr. Franciszek Piper who was the senior curator and director of archives of the Auschwitz State Museum said on TV that Krema 1, the supposed homicidal gas chamber located in Auschwitz main camp was fabricated after the war by the Soviet Union and there is no confirmation that gas chamber genocide had ever happened. So I believe what we are instilled in our minds from childhood is an exaggeration of what happened. We should look into deep things and come out of this ‘anti-semantic or skinhead calling’ behavior. Everyone has the right to question and no one should take it from him.
1. "Inside Anne Franks House: An Illustrated Journey Through Annes World." Alibris Marketplace. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Mar. 2013.
2. Westra, Hans. Inside Anne Franks house : an illustrated journey through Annes world. Woodstock: Overlook Duckworth, 2004. Print. Read More
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U Can Choose One Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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