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Chimestry - Lab Report Example

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Metals loose electrons forming positive ions known as cations. There are various properties of metals. These properties can either be chemical properties or physical…
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Extract of sample "Chimestry"

September 8, Metals and Corrosion Experiment Introduction A metal is defined as substance containing high electrical conductance, which has luster and is malleable. Metals loose electrons forming positive ions known as cations. There are various properties of metals. These properties can either be chemical properties or physical properties. On the other hand, corrosion of metals is the process by which the surface of a metal or its related materials deteriorates as a result of the metal losing electrons and remaining with positively charged ions. Reaction of Iron III oxide with water in presence of air results in the formation of iron II oxide which is referred to as rust. This is an indication of corrosion in the given metal. This experiment’s main purpose is the determination of the properties of metals and to find out the corrosive effect on metals.
Metal Properties
The properties of the metals, iron, brass and copper, were compared. This involved comparing the conductivity of both iron and copper, Hardiness, and brittleness. The observations were made and recorded. In testing for conductivity, the metals were heated and time taken to heat up observed. In comparing for brittleness, the wires of the respective metals wire bent and the number of times the wire was bent before breaking observed.
Data and Observations
After heating copper and iron to test for conductivity, copper became hotter faster as compared to iron. When comparing the conductivity of copper and brass, copper become hotter faster than brass.
Comparison of the hardiness between copper and iron resulted in iron being harder than copper. On comparing the hardiness between copper and brass, it was found that brass is harder than copper. Also, it was found that alloys of these metals are harder as compared to the pure metals.
The number of times copper wire was bent before breaking was two. On the other hand, the number of times iron wire was bent before breaking was one.
After corrosion test was done on all the substances, i.e. copper, brass and iron, it was found that both copper and brass were corroded and copper was resistance to corrosion.
Copper has a higher conductivity as compared to iron and brass. This is due to the fact that copper contains a large number of de – localized electrons. These electrons move freely and as a result facilitate the conductivity process.
From the experiment, it’s clear that iron is harder than copper. This is due to the strong covalent bonds which exists between the iron molecules making it to be harder than copper. Comparing the two pure metals with its alloys resulted in the alloys being harder than the metals. On brittleness, iron was found to be more brittle than copper.
Iron and brass was found to be easily corroded as compared to the pure copper. This was due to the presence of iron III oxide which gets oxidized to iron II oxide, and this causes rust.
It can be concluded that copper has high conductivity as compared to iron, copper is more corrosion resistance than iron and iron is more brittle than copper. The alloys of the metals have enhanced properties as compared to the pure metals. Finally, Copper was found to be corrosive resistant as compared to iron and brass. Read More
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Chimestry Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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