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Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2 - Essay Example

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Sound management in the whole system of health care system is achieved through provision of sound leadership depending on the situation that is being…
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Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2
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Extract of sample "Foundation Degree in Health and Social Care year 2"

Download file to see previous pages Management on the other hand refers to an organizational process where there is strategic planning, objective setting, resource management, deployment of human as well as financial assets to achieve strategic objectives of a given company. In dealing with youths that are developing addiction to drinking, leadership styles are very important to consider in view of looking at the best style to apply. There are several leadership styles that can be applied. The first style is transformational style. In this style, there is an emphasis on the development of motivation, team building, involvement of collaboration and is purely based on their ideas. This method is wholesome in that the employees are able to create a relationship with subjects and develop into a positive outcome. The second type of style is transactional. In this type of leadership, there is maintenance of status quo through use of reinforcements. Inducements are used to create a continually positive flow of activities to maintain some form of status. These two are broad and inculcate characteristics of a wide range of styles. Dictatorship is also another style that exists. In this case, all the rules and regulations are made by the leadership. All other people are subjective and cannot take part in decision making. It is similar to autocratic or authoritative leadership. Leadership by democracy is another style in which the will of the people prevail. It is participative in which the views of the people contribute to the final decision made. Laissez faire is another type of leadership that can be used. In this case, the leader is a ceremonial occupant to the position. The leader does not provide leadership but there is a free will to the subordinates to decide on what to do. Narcissistic leadership is a type of leadership in which the leader has interest in satisfying himself alone. All the discussed types of styles are relevant in creating a positive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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