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Republic of Brazil - Essay Example

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Attention seeking device: Brazil is the largest country and has also been rated to be the fifth largest globally in terms of population and geographical area. It was colonized by the Portuguese until the year 1822 that the Brazilian Empire was formed. Brazil’s economic…
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Republic of Brazil
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Extract of sample "Republic of Brazil"

Specific Purpose: I want my audience to know more about Republic of Brazil. Organizational Purpose: Informative Speech Intended Audience:
1. Attention seeking device: Brazil is the largest country and has also been rated to be the fifth largest globally in terms of population and geographical area. It was colonized by the Portuguese until the year 1822 that the Brazilian Empire was formed. Brazil’s economic reforms have continually enhanced its purchasing power and growth.
2. Orientation Phase
I. Statement of Topic: This paper will describe to you the climate, biodiversity, environment and the law of Brazil which can be vital for an individual visiting this area for the first time.
II. Reason for listening: Most of the class members would like to visit this area at some point in life and it is important to know the basics about it
III. Credibility: I have lived in this region for three years and therefore, I have experienced most of the happenings in this country.
Transition: The most vital areas of concern for a new individual to visiting this country include climate, environment, biodiversity and law.
I. Climate: Brazilian climate consist of a wide range of conditions. The terrain is also diverse under the tropical type of climate. The main climatic subtypes that are found in Brazil include: semi-arid, temperate, tropical, highland tropical and subtropical. This different climates produce the coniferous and temperate forests in southern part, equatorial forest in the northern part and semiarid deserts in the north eastern part, while tropical savannahs in the central part of the country. In Brazil, there is no dry season that is evident but there are variations in rainy seasons.
a) The highest temperature experienced in this region stands at an average of 25 degrees Celsius rainfall in the region changes according to seasons.
b) Temperate regions have average annual rainfall, cool winters and winter frosts.
c) While higher areas have snow falls occasionally and solid precipitation being common in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro (Hamilton 67).
II. Biodiversity: The biodiversity in this region is also diverse in nature. This includes both the plant and the animal species.
a) The greatest mammals here include pumas, jaguars, bush dogs, ocelots, foxes, sloths and tapirs.
b) Deer are mainly found in the southern part while the new world monkeys in the north.
c) This country produces large plants species like coffee and soybeans and animal species like chicken which contribute highly to its economic development (Sachs et al 45).
III. Environment: The critical issue that is facing Brazil is environmental conservation. This is attributed to the fact that it practices cattle ranching, logging, and agriculture, and oil extraction, wildlife trading and overfishing extensively.
a) This is due to the population increase and demand towards development to keep up with the growing population.
b) Water pollution, fires and invasive species have are also a detrimental issue and threatening the natural environment.
c) The areas considered to be remote have been opened up through the development of highways. Mines have continually caused pollution of lands leaving the areas scarred (Sexton 22).
IV. Law: The laws are based on traditions of the Roman Germans and civil law. Their laws in most instances are codified while a smaller part none codified which plays a complementary.
a) Academic jurists and doctrinal works are a major influence to cases and creation of laws.
b) The legal system has a federation constitution system and all the rest of the legislation have to abide by the federal constitution. Although it has all this reinforcement, Brazil still registers the highest crime rates globally (Boraas 9).
Transition: these are the four most basic factors to put into consideration when visiting Republic of Brazil.
1. Summary/Review: The four basic factors for a tourist visiting Brazil for the first time include climate, biodiversity, law and the environment.
2. Concluding statement: (Final thought) Brazil is a country that is diverse in terms of the environment, climate, biodiversity and law. Despite having an informed law system, it still has high rates of crime taking place. More so, it is a good tourist attraction centre when judged from the existing biodiversity and also its moderate climatic conditions.
Work cited
Hamilton, Cherie Y. Brazil: A Culinary Journey. New York: Hippocrene Books, 2005. Print.
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