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Fire service administration - Essay Example

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Some of these devices include toasters, stoves, microwaves, radiators, small appliances, and Various systems of heating. Another cause of fire in my…
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Fire service administration
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Extract of sample "Fire service administration"

The structural fire cause that is relevant and problematic in my community is fire due to appliances and electrical devices. Some of these devices include toasters, stoves, microwaves, radiators, small appliances, and Various systems of heating. Another cause of fire in my community is due to open flames. This could be as a result of fire places or candles. This causes of fire are a community risk since whenever one household in the community is affected by a fire due to electrical appliances, all households in the nearby regions would equally be affected. In many cases, such fire may spread to the other households if it is not dealt with in time. For this reason, an education program would be set to educate people in my community concerning the dangers of fire due to electrical appliances and open fire. This program will help in reducing the cases of fire within the community.
The key targets with the risk reduction education program are women of ages between 18 and 40. This is so because, this category of individuals are mostly involved with the electrical appliances and they are known to be exposed to candles. This means that women of ages between 18 and 40 do handle all the electrical cooking appliances at home. There are, therefore, the most vulnerable groups of individuals. If these individuals are educated on how to handle the electrical appliances and identify open fires, so as to avoid fires, then a greater magnitude of the fires would be reduced.
Objective of the education program.
By the end of this program, all the participants of the program would be able to identify the open fires. The participants would also be able to handle the electrical appliances with care so as to avoid the possibility of any fires. Additionally, the participants of the program would be able to identify the dangers of fire to an individual and the community.
Fire prevention message.
According to the prior research into the fire cases in this community, the major cause of fire is due to electrical appliances and open fires. In the past ten years, the fire department has responded to over 1,389500 fires (Chaloner 5). The effect of these fires is that it resulted into about 3000 civilian deaths, 1700 injuries to civilians, and approximately $ 12 billion of damaged properties. These fires were found to be structure fires (Wellman 12). This problem is experienced by all the residents of this community since they face devastating fire effects in their businesses, and homes. The cost involved in cleaning up and building back after the occurrence of a fire is equally monumental (Begon 33). For this reason, this program is set to help you to reduce the possibilities of this fires.
Each and every individual who handle the electrical appliances should be extremely careful with devices. One should never leave a stove or any other electrical appliance on especially after usage (Glasspool 5). After using particular equipment ensure that you switch it off immediately. In the case of open fires, everyone should avoid lighting candles in places with suspected gas leakages. If one uses any form of the open fire, she should do that with a lot of care so as to avoid fires. Additionally, the electrical appliances should be kept away from the reach of the children (Bowman 5). If all these is taken into consideration, then the cases of fire in this community would be reduced.
Groups used in message delivery.
The individuals who would be useful in the delivery of the message include the youths in the community, and women in the community. This is so because the at least each youth is close to the target group (women of ages between 18 and 40). In this case, the target group may either be their sister or mother, hence the spreading of the message would be rely fast.
Evaluation of the program.
The success of this program would be determined whenever the cases of fire due to electrical appliances and open fire in the community is reduced (Retallack 3). This is so because these are the rampant causes of fires in my community.
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