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A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County - Assignment Example

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In the paper “A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County” the author discusses the five-year budget, which is developed and broken down into smaller pieces. The county bases on its mission that aims at educating the people of Macomb, protecting and delivering to them services…
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A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County
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Extract of sample "A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County"

Download file to see previous pages The details of the proposal cover the budget that covers the financial plans of the Macomb County II fire department for the next five years and will involve all aspects of financial implications to the county. The county officials of the fire department will decide whether to pass the budget or not. This will determine the implementation of the budget and the effect that it will have on the financial aspects of the county. If passed, the department will follow it and ensure that proper financial controls are in place for the next five years that will ensure the budget is followed and hence driving the county to a financial performance that will enable them to count developments (Steiss, 2005).
A number of programs will be covered in the plan and these include the programs that promote the teaching aspects, those for the organization of the fire fighting aspects of the county and those that relate to the provision of services to the community. These programs all require finances and their inclusion in the county’s budget gives it a leading role in saving the county from the effects of fires (Smeby, 2013). The programs are developed based on these above and all aim at the provision of quality services to the public in Macomb County.
In the budget developed, there exist two forms of expenditures. These are the mandatory and discretionary expenditures. The mandatory expenditures cover those that directly may affect the people if not planned for and properly executed. The mandatory aspects that the budget needs to carry relate to the provisions for funds that run rescue and fire fighting services within the county. The need to have these services mandatory explains the need to protect the people of Macomb from the disastrous fires that destroy their homes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County Assignment, n.d.)
A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County Assignment.
(A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County Assignment)
A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County Assignment.
“A Five-Year Budget Proposal for Macomb County Assignment”.
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