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The current and future role of localised charitable organisations in Birmingham - Essay Example

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This study can be viewed as offering a narrow perspective of the charitable sectors recent experience and there futures as deliverers of social care services it does makes several noteworthy contributions to the body existing body of literature as the research is both tangible, in depth and real. …
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The current and future role of localised charitable organisations in Birmingham
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Extract of sample "The current and future role of localised charitable organisations in Birmingham"

Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on the current health of the three localised charitable organisations in the city of Birmingham who deliver housing support and care services and how they are responding to the current business climate. It explores their experiences from the historic grant funding arrangements to the current contracting culture. It compares each organisation using a detailed analysis process with emphasis on examining the rational where the qualitative data highlights similarities and disparity. The key research components of the dissertation are: how each organisation has changed financially and whether this has impacted on structure and size; and whether this has seen a change in direction in relation to business planning and strategic management. It also measures how far each organisation has diversified within their service provision in order to remain viable and goes some way in answering whether such diversification is perpetuating a move away from their traditional roots and charitable aims. It also observes and provides comment on how the organisations are planning and preparing for the future using their abilities to assess and respond to the perceived threats and opportunities within an open social care market and what they perceive will be their futures and that of the charitable sector in Birmingham. The dissertation analyses the impact marketisation and business-like approaches being adopted by the three organisations and whether such changes are an inevitable consequence of having to remain competitive and strengthen the sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Current and Future Role of Localised Charitable Organisations in Essay)
The Current and Future Role of Localised Charitable Organisations in Essay.
“The Current and Future Role of Localised Charitable Organisations in Essay”, n.d.
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