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Tracking An Offender After a Crime - Research Paper Example

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This case is known as the People of the State of California v. Orenthal James Simpson is the name of the criminal trial held against O.J Simpson after he had murdered his wife. Simpson was a former American…
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Tracking An Offender After a Crime
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Extract of sample "Tracking An Offender After a Crime"

Download file to see previous pages This essay analyses the case of O.J Simpson and the offences that he committed. The main aim of this essay is to show knowledge of the criminal Justice system and the processes involved in this institution (Uelmen, 2009. His case was presided over by Judge Lance. The case of Simpson was characterized by hiring of a highly professional defense team, which was initially lead by Robert Shapiro.
Simpson was arrested in police car chase in Los Angeles. His arrest was a public arrest and it was watched on the national television by the national audience. During the time of Simpson’s arrest, he was running away from Los Angeles. The police managed to locate him through a vehicle that his friend was driving. Simpson explained to the police that he had a firearm and he would commit suicide if the police would stop his car by force. The police on a cellular phone promised that they would not stop him forcefully. This event was aired in the television since the Los Angeles Helicopters captured the scene. His arrest and trial ignited a national debate of race, corruption in the legal system and fame resulted into a highly publicized case (Uelmen 2009. Simpson was arrested and tried on 20th June and he pleaded not guilty for both murders. As it is stipulated in the United States constitution, the judge ordered that he should be held without bail. On the day that followed, there was a conference of a jury so that they could discuss and reach a consensus whether they should indict Simpson for the two murders. The jury was later dismissed after two days when due to excessive media coverage. This was done because it appeared as if the media coverage in this case would affect neutrality of this case. Jill Shively was the witness of this case who testified to the judges that he had actually seen Simpson when he was speeding away from the area surrounding Nicole’s house during the night of the Murder (Rantala 2001). The second witness of this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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