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Peter browning and continental white cap case study - Research Proposal Example

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The emergence of globalization has introduced a new competitive business environment which revolves around the increasing costs against attempts to cut prices. This situation is being felt by multinational corporations and the basic tool to take care of it is sound management…
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Peter browning and continental white cap case study
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Extract of sample "Peter browning and continental white cap case study"

PETER BROWNING AND CONTINENTAL WHITECAP The emergence of globalization has introduced a new competitive business environment which revolves around the increasing costs against attempts to cut prices. This situation is being felt by multinational corporations and the basic tool to take care of it is sound management skills and redefinition of strategic plans. Continental Whitecap is one of the global faces of thriving multinationals albeit stiff competition that always threatens its survival. A detailed diagnostic research study is important in drawing a viable action plan, evaluation of the programmes of change and implementation procedures of the policies (Macredie, 1998, 45-48).
Statement of the problem
Continental Whitecap is in the verge of making a life changing decision that would determine the possibility of its survival in the market and sustain its operation costs without serious financial constraints. This can only be achieved by the new management head if wide consultative based researched is carried out and all facts are laid bare on the table for discussion (Paton & Mccalman, 2007, 76-80). However, it is important to underscore the sensitivity of cost and revenue factors in discussing the success of a firm. This will be judged by critical consideration of various change management models and approaches to change.
Report findings
For the new management to achieve desirable goals for this multinational, strategic planning must be backed up with a critically assessed implementation procedure under strict observance of the principles of competitive tools. In the case of Continental Can’s division, the factor input combination need to be readjusted to capture the changes in the type of the containers that need to be manufactured.
The management team needs to put up a strategic plan with a tight link to identification and management of a competitive and success oriented design to the organization. The idea is that most of these processes need to be internally centered and assist this division of Continental Whitecap acquiring commitment to effective change and improve on productivity with the least degree of difficulty. There are various models and frameworks that can be used to establish the most appropriate performance strategy for this company amidst the tight competition in the industry (Abrahamson, 2004, 42-55). The preferable model is Kurt Lewin’s classical model which is basically reliant on three concepts. Communication is one of the most important factors that the management needs to use for co-ordination of various activities and sense any impending risk. Internal Culture is very important in shaping the structural and functional changes within the organization and this will add new values for the firm’s success (Paton & Mccalman, 2007, 23-56). The management will also need to reinforce the existing policies and achieve better results through renewed equilibrium of the system.
There is no viable management plan without SWOT analysis as this forms the basis of monitoring al the events in the business environment. Diversification is an emerging trend that would be incorporated into the SWOT and PESTLE analysis especially when exploring the literature review concerning the best management principles (Marquis & Huston, 2009). It is imperative that motivational factor is highly taken into consideration by the manager as this has a lot to do with employee delivery and organizational overall performance.
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The topic of "peter browning and continental white cap case study" is quite popular among the assignments in university. Still, this example opens a fresh perspective of seeing the issue. I’ll use the manner for my own research.

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