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Social Work -- Process Recording Analysis - Research Paper Example

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Currently, her children are under care of temporary foster home. Currently, she is in dire need of stable job and affordable housing to be able to take care of her…
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Social Work -- Process Recording Analysis Paper
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Extract of sample "Social Work -- Process Recording Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages SW recognized the fact that she was able to turn up amidst her tight schedule. Personally, I believe that this was necessary to convince her to open up and freely share her situation. I would feel remorseful for her but would encourage her that everything is ok and things will work out. SW did little encouragement after appreciation of her time. I would encourage her that the experts are doing their best to see her through the recovery process.
In administering the interview I would also be directed by the fact that she was recently treated for mood disorder and was on the process of recovering. I would consider that she might not come to the meeting because of her previous condition and personal dedication to the therapy session provided by the DSS where she works. This would be justified because she needs of source of income and is trying hard to recover from her condition and get back to her children, therefore, in case she did not turn up, I was not going to blame her. Instead, I would encourage her to keep attending the therapy sessions since it would help her regain her life, job and children.
She told SW that she has no problem meeting him and discussing about the therapy session. SW introduced himself as one of the therapy group members of the DSS. I believe this would get her attention and probably she would be freer to talk. I think this was meant to introduce SW as one of the members of DSS and, therefore, eliminate the image of a stranger that would jeopardize the interview. I believe also that SW took a position that would encourage feeling like having someone to share her fears, dreams and expectation. This may be the reason that SW referred to Mr. G, the group leader. I would personally consider this position taken by SW because, according to me, it was the best way to get Linda to divulge information. SW went further to elaborate that Mr. G directed him to find out about her group that is regarded as the most ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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