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Portrait Photography Survey - Essay Example

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Portrait photography is a photo of a person or group of persons that show a thought communicated by body language, an impression of one’s character or mood of the subject matter. Areas of attention in the photo are the person’s face, body posture and the entire background of…
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Portrait Photography Survey
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Extract of sample "Portrait Photography Survey"

Portrait Photography Survey Portrait photography is a photo of a person or group ofpersons that show a thought communicated by body language, an impression of one’s character or mood of the subject matter. Areas of attention in the photo are the person’s face, body posture and the entire background of the photo. A portrait photo is sometimes artistic and mainly intended for specific occasions. It serves various purposes, from usage in websites for adverts of business to occasions such as weddings and learning institution events such social functions like games. Portrait photos majorly use the influence of visual art to communicate information to intended recipient.
Markets of portrait photography include restaurants, taverns, stores and business premises. These organizations use portrait photos to reach out to their consumers (Kelby 36). This is because portrait photos are more appealing and conspicuous to motorists, pedestrians and other road users as they are normally attractive. Portrait photographers make money by making saleable portraits which they sale them to businesses which use them for advertisement purposes their websites and in local television programs. On the other hand portrait photographers make sales when they are hired to make photo shoots in institutions’ events such as graduations and in special occasions such as in church weddings.
Requirements of a portrait photography business is photography equipment which should be modest, several pieces of cloth for backdrop ,lenses with good magnification, some sources of light and a tripod stand (Wilsh 47). These equipments should be of lightest weight so as to make them more portable thereby easing movement. Portrait photography has undergone a list of trends over the past years. A few decades ago, images were in a black and white portrays, that evolved to hand coloring pencils then to hand coloring paints. Currently, images are taken using digital cameras, which produce neat colored photographs. These advancements are attributed to progress in the new technology which has been given abreast.
Location of portrait photography is mostly influenced by the subject; this is the intention of the photographer. If the intended expression involves environmental aspects like natural features, then a rain forest would be the best location. However if the photographer is new to the business then simplicity should guide him or her. He/she should look for the simplest places. To enhance more effects, studio photographers should concentrate more on improving the background of the photos (Kelby 56). It should create an impression appealing to customers. It should bring out clear typical outlines such as family setups.
A cross-section analysis in various survey statistics on pricing revealed the following that basic family portrait session - minimum retouching-in studio would cost approximately $25. A third of the population interviewed agreed with the price terming the price as affordable whereas two thirds of the population disagreed with the $25 sales price terming it exploitative. On the other hand, basic family portrait session –minimum retouching-location would cost approximately $40 with 60% of the respondents agreeing with the price terming it reasonable (Amyot 81). However 40% of the respondents disagreed with the price terming it too high and that it would be unaffordable.
Basic one person portrait session-minimum retouching –in studio would cost $15. Two thirds of respondents agreed with the price terming it affordable (Baker 62). However, a third responded by saying the price was slightly high. On the other hand a large number of the respondents argued that the price should remain same irrespective of location. In addition, the $25 price of basic one person portrait session-minimum retouching –on location was termed reasonable by 90% of the respondents. They identified additional transport and technical costs to locations as justifying the increased price.
Most people interviewed in the survey prefer light retouching with 20x24 to 16x20 or even 5x7 citing large photographs being more appealing and attractive than smaller ones, despite their prices being relatively higher (Amyot 49). In conclusion most consumers preferred prices to remain stable in their current range with respective minimum retouching specifications. However, substantial fraction of respondents said a variety of locations should be offered to make portraits have alternative setups.
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Portrait Photography Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Portrait Photography Survey Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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