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Ellen's analysis speech - Essay Example

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The content of the speech was based on themes of education, economics, and general development. The context and content related in a significant sense of harmony.
The speaker relied on…
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Ellens analysis speech
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Extract of sample "Ellen's analysis speech"

Ellen’s Analysis Speech Q1 The speech sounded and looked well researched because it focused primarily on current issues. The content of the speech was based on themes of education, economics, and general development. The context and content related in a significant sense of harmony.
The speaker relied on the evidence of personal stories to enrich the speech (Ellen at Tulane Commencement 2009). She gave the example of her experiences, expectations, and challenges to illustrate their impact on her development. The effect of these experiences manifested in the attention and interest of the audience.
The speech was well organized because it began on a light note with humor and proceeded to more serious sections of illustrations and facts before it ended with jokes and humor. The impact of this style enhanced the aesthetics of the speech. It also contributed to the aspect of memorability.
The transitions were evident in the course of the speech. They were mainly noted in the rising and falling of pitch in different parts of the speech. Parts of humor were highlighted in a high pitch while factual parts were captured in a low and serious pitched voice. The effect was to capture and retain the attention of the audience.
The speaker’s introduction was effective. She began the speech on a high note and enlisted humor to capture the attention of the audience. The introduction prepared the audience for the captivating details in the rest of the speech.
The speaker’s conclusion was effective because it provided a summary of the major themes discussed. The conclusion also eased the attention of the audience through the relaxation of tone and mood. It also involved some sense of humor through the jokes used.
Credibility of the story was used through reference to personal experiences. It was also enhanced by incorporating details of current affairs and information. This combination enhanced the factual representation of the core issues of the speech.
The speaker appeared both confident and professional. She demonstrated great capacity to deal with facts. She also demonstrated a great aspect of professional experience.
The speaker commanded remarkable voice projection. Her phonetics were clear and lucid. She could improve on the aspect of change in pitch more often to increase the aesthetic value of her speeches.
The speaker’s facial expression and body movement were consistent with the verbal aspects of the speech. She did not exaggerate her gestures and appeared to command some balance in the aspect of presentation. However, her last minute dancing seemed to go slightly beyond expectations.
The speaker was effective in her facial expressions. She changed her facial expressions at different parts of the speech to demonstrate change of tone and mood. This strategy provides the means of adjusting the expectations and concentration of the audience.
The speaker was sufficiently effective in her vocal expressions. She was able to project her voice clearly in a manner that was consistent with the themes and seriousness of different parts of the speech. The speaker was also able to regulate the pitch of her voice to enliven her speech and address the challenge of monotony.
I would advise the speaker to practice more on the aspect of chronological organization of facts. I would also advise her on the strategies of connecting with the audience more effectively. I would also impress on her the need to incorporate a range of stylistic devices such as rhetoric to enhance the participation of the audience.
Q 14
I would advise the speaker to enhance her tonalities and modulation of voice. I would also advise her on the appropriate ways of using poses and conjunctions. This would help to enhance transitions in the course of the speech.
Works Cited
Ellen at Tulane Commencement 2009. You Tube. Web. 19 Feb 2013. Read More
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Ellen'S Analysis Speech Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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