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It also involves participating in activities that enhances environmental resource conservation such as water and air. Proper usage of resources is one of…
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Task: Going green Going green that is usually referred to as being eco-friendly refers to engaging in actions that do not harm the environment. It also involves participating in activities that enhances environmental resource conservation such as water and air. Proper usage of resources is one of the eco-friendly practices.
Eco-friendly products and practices
Companies and agricultural farms should focus on producing both environmental and human friendly products. Products have to be free from toxins for them to be eco-friendly. In the current agricultural farms, famers produce goods using many chemicals such as fertilizers that are harmful to humans and aquatic lives. For instance, research outcomes show that the current increase of cancer patients results of the high consumption of food processing chemical. Most of the chemicals usually come from the agricultural farms. Eco-friendly agricultural practices include practicing organic farming that does not require the use of chemicals like in industrial farming. It also includes processing and preserving foods without toxic chemicals. Most of industrial foods contain highly poisonous preservatives and they contribute to the humans’ poor health. In addition, other products that qualify to be eco-friendly are those that are biodegradable. These are products, which can be broken down by bacteria during the decomposition process. Going green does not involve the production of the non-biodegradable goods because they cause soil degradation (Holzer & Media 1).
One of the eco-friendly practices includes the minimum usage of resources while maximizing the outputs. This helps in the prevention of the natural resource wastage. An example of these practices includes turning off the lights when not using them. This helps in energy conservation. The other eco-friendly practices include the high usage of the public vehicles instead of the private ones. This also helps in energy conservation and reduction of air pollution. The increase in the number of vehicle has resulted into the current high level of air pollution. This is because the high amount of exhaust fumes produced by the vehicle cause air pollution especially in the metropolitan areas. The usage of public vehicles helps in the reduction of the number of vehicles that in turn reduces the amount of air pollutants. Other eco-friendly practices include the recycling or reusing of resources. This helps in preventing the overexploitation of the available natural resources. It also helps in the reduction of wastes especially the non-biodegradable wastes. Recycling of materials reduces the usage of the scarce resources. It also helps in the reduction of production of the non-environmental friendly goods. An example of the goods that should be reused includes the plastic bags. The bags cause environmental degradation since they cannot be decomposed. High usage of such products encourages their production, which cause further degradation (Holzer & Media 1).
Conclusively, going green has positive impacts on the financial system and the natural environment. For instance, it helps in cost saving. Energy conservation practices such as the usage of the energy saving bulbs help in reducing the amount of energy used which in turn helps people to save a lot of money that they would spend on the wasted energy. Other economic benefits include the creation of employment by the recycling industries. Studies prove that about 1 million individuals work in the recycling firms in the United States. Environmental benefits include the prevention of species extinction that results from over exploitation of resources (Rogers 1).
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Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 6.
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