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English2 - Essay Example

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These include an overloading stimulus, rest and proper nutrition that help influence the results of a workout, which can further be…
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Extract of sample "English2"

“Six Quick Tips To Get More From Your Workouts” Article by Shannon Clark Work out programs are aimed at having an individual attain certain results that are not difficult achieve provided three aspects are followed. These include an overloading stimulus, rest and proper nutrition that help influence the results of a workout, which can further be assisted or affected by certain recommendations. These recommendations include the use of a variety of cardio training to prevent body adaptation, which occurs rapidly. Another method is the addition of plyometric exercises occasionally to stimulate speed in the twitching of muscle fiber. Monitoring of rest periods and performance of dynamic and isometric exercises is also important as rest restores energy reserves and exercises prevent plateauing of fitness. In addition, listening to music and adjusting the order of compound exercises is important as it kick starts stalled progress and shifts around fatigue, while music helps in focusing.
The article talks about renewing progress towards fitness and means through which stalling can be prevented. The article talks of the different causes of plateauing in fitness and achievement of exercise goals such as a fixed routine and rigidity in following only one routine in cardio. As a result, the article aims at resuming the achievement of physical goals in fitness by offering advice and new ways through which one can improve his or her work out and squeeze more from them. It also aims at having individuals follow improved means of working out for improved results in fitness by offering information in the benefits of certain suggested changes.
The appeal of the author is quite convincing, especially with the information that is presented throughout the article with a sense of authority. This can be seen especially in the application and monitoring of rest periods, where the author advises the persons working out to follow certain principles. As a result, the principles show a strong sense of comprehension in the issue of working and all that affects it in terms of rebuilding energy and fat loss. The appeal to the audience shows honesty following the presence of vested interests in the wellbeing of the audience y mentioning the audience on a first person basis. The use of loos shows how knowledgeable the author is in the topic as the article features plenty of informative cues that aim at bettering the form and work out of any interested being reading the article.
The target audience in this article is all persons that work out, in general, and for the details, it focuses on anyone preventing a tolerance to his or her routine. It also focuses on persons new to working out and those that would not want plateau as soon as they commence by following conventional workout techniques, but rather spice them up for improved results.
Despite its high state of information and overt target group, the article could use some authoritative sources of information such as studies. These are to help improve the appeal towards the audience in terms of truthfulness and authority in the topic. It is because of this that the article is inconclusive and remains appealing, but not satisfactorily authoritative for any work out fanatic, which explains why they are not the target group. Read More
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