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The relevance of personal networks (social contacts) in China and, especially, in Germany - Essay Example

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Personal networks also become influenced by factors such as gender, overall network size, age, frequency of interaction with network…
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The relevance of personal networks (social contacts) in China and, especially, in Germany
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Extract of sample "The relevance of personal networks (social contacts) in China and, especially, in Germany"

Download file to see previous pages Personal networks serve as sources of information on business, education, jobs and wage prospects. Hence, personal networks or social contacts remain more valued when they comprise contacts of individuals from a range of diverse networks. This essay presents a qualitative research analysis based on interviews conducted on five Chinese students in Germany.
Following an interview with Kenny (Chinesestudent_De_02_Kenny N.d.:1-18), personal networks enable individuals to gain a wider perspective of ideas and thoughts when faced with challenging situations or issues requiring appropriate decision making. In addition, social networks in Germany enabled Kenny to arrange everything for his studies abroad thereby easing the whole process. Chinese students studying in Germany have created a website forum where they interact establish social contacts and receive answers to problems they encounter while in Germany. This forum remains useful as the Chinese in Germany experience similar problems and could obtain useful feedback from their colleagues who have stayed long enough in Germany or had similar experiences. The main difference between personal networks in in China and Germany would be that those in China are honest while those in Germany know more about the world and have exposure to more things.
Kenny goes on further to state that social contacts possess lifestyle attitudes which vary in both China and Germany. Social networks also facilitate the discovery of ideas that an individual may have not thought of in advance or missed out. Moreover, certain things an individual could do relies much on the type of social contacts a person has. According to Kenny, establishing personal networks in China remain rather easier than in Germany. More so, he indicates that an individual needs to have personal networks of those people he or she likes and who possess similar ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Relevance of Personal Networks (social Contacts) in China And, Essay)
The Relevance of Personal Networks (social Contacts) in China And, Essay.
“The Relevance of Personal Networks (social Contacts) in China And, Essay”, n.d.
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