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Argumentative Thesis - Essay Example

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In case there is irreversible damage infliction to this ligament, a surgery namely, Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction (ACL) is performed to replace the ligament. In ACL, a graft is used is replace the ligament and…
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Argumentative Thesis
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Download file to see previous pages In my thesis, I shall analyze the definitive reasons as to why in ACL surgeries, surgeons should opt for an autograft from the patient’s own body tissues over an allograft where the tissue is obtained from a cadaver.
Anterior crucial ligament reconstruction surgery is among the most common orthopedic surgeries that are performed. Like all other surgeries, it does have its own drawbacks. In The X Factor: Why Female Athletes Have a Higher Rate of ACL Injury Than Their Male Counterparts, Washington (2012) says that “six to 18 months of rehab, a missed competitive season and all the pain and suffering that go along with that” which are some of the things that the patient needs to cope up with post-surgery. Tearing of the anterior cruciate ligament is a fairly common case especially among sports people. The surge in injuries called for good surgical options to rescue people from the trauma and help them lead a normal life later on. ACL surgery and its efficacy have led to an increase in the numbers of patients’ opting for it. Orthopedic surgeons have a choice between using an allograft or an autograft for the reconstruction surgery. Presently, most surgeons opt for an autograft, taking tissue from the patient’s own patellar tendon over an allograft taken from a cadaver donor. However, since an autograft have had some drawbacks too in spite of its success, some surgeons also opt for an allograft. For example, using an allograft prevents graft site morbidity in the patient but allografts too have their own drawbacks. Now, I shall discuss why an autograft is a better choice than an allograft.
One of primary reasons of opting for an autograft over an allograft is the fear of probable disease transmission. According to The Mail on Sunday (2011) “The only potential complication is being infected by a virus from donor tissue” (p.25) the chances of which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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