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Sales and Promotion in Sports - Assignment Example

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Through marketing, the spectator of the team becomes aware of the products and services offered by their favorite teams. Discount-admission promotion must…
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Sales and Promotion in Sports
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Extract of sample "Sales and Promotion in Sports"

Sales and Promotion in Sports Sales and Promotion in Sports How would you implement a discount-admission promotion to a sporting event so that it did not alienate full-paying customers?
Irwin et al (2008) asserts that; marketing of sporting activities remains a core undertaking in any sporting activities. Through marketing, the spectator of the team becomes aware of the products and services offered by their favorite teams. Discount-admission promotion must take into consideration the target population. The discount promotion method provides customers with the required information of the discounted prices on the tickets on offer. Attracting average customer is one thing while; attracting full paying customers is another.
The sporting company might make use of television commercials, news paper, sports magazine, and face to face amongst other advertising modes to reach the full paying customers. Sporting events relies heavily on promotion activities offered to communicate to the target population. The use of web site that appears professionally designed educates the prospects of the services offered by the sporting company. Professionally designed web pages depict a capable and credible image of the sporting organization to the clients. The site requires to, provide information concerning the target population and how the sporting event undertakes its operations to ensure customer satisfaction (Kaser & Oelkers, 2008).
Providing members with a free trial membership helps the sporting company attract a significant number of members. The members recruited via the trial membership method receive the same membership benefits enjoyed by full paying members. The benefits includes but not limited to tournament invitations, newsletters, and discounts. While implementing the discount–admission promotion, the sporting company requires contacting the successful candidates of the trial membership via phone. Contacting the clients enable the sporting organization to, realize whether the candidates can be converted into members (Irwin et al, 2008).
Trial membership requires the sporting company to have a lead. Leads remain leads till proven otherwise; where the individuals convert into a paying customer. In cases where the clients travel to attend to the sporting event; the sporting company should see this opportunity to provide accommodation. The company needs to enhance its promotional strategy by providing clients with a feasible and affordable accommodation. The client can come and benefit the organization in watching sports and still relax. This enables the client to enjoy the organization’s value (Kaser & Oelkers, 2008).
Return trips organized by the sporting organization enables the customers save a lot from the programs offered by the sporting company. The activity enables the clients associate the company’s products with value. Gathering information about the clients experience enables the sporting company improves on their products and services. Feedback programs enable the sporting organization make changes in their program to suit the needs of the potential and full paying clients. The clients that are against membership of the sporting events must also be consulted as; to their reason for non-conversion to, ensure their needs are catered for in the sporting programs (Irwin et al, 2008).
The trial membership campaigners must gather information enough to convince the customer of the need to join and be part of the sporting event. The attendants require having the proper approach towards the clients. Let the client know the value of joining the team as a member. The benefits must be enticing enough to lure the clients into signing up. Converting customers requires confidence and undoubted knowledge and prices of the products on offer. The information helps the analyst discern susceptible customers from the rest (Irwin et al, 2008).
Conversion of customers from the audience reserves the conflicts that bridges data gathering with sales implementation of tickets and other products and services affiliated to sales. Sporting organization with proper information attains a more promotional powers that the organization with limited information relating to their clients (Kaser & Oelkers, 2008).
Irwin, R. L., Sutton, W. A., & McCarthy, L. M. (2008). Sport promotion and sales management. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.
Kaser, K., & Oelkers, D. B. (2008). Sports and entertainment marketing. Mason, Ohio: Thomson South-Western. Read More
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Sales and Promotion in Sports Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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